Friday, May 23, 2008

Big Bottom Girls you make the Rockin' world go 'round....

It's Friday, and we all know what that means for me -- Girl's Night Out!

Tonight, as a continuation from last week, we are getting some people pierced. Last week when we showed up, the piercer had had a family emergency and had left only 15 minutes before we arrived. So tonight we go back. After that dinner, I am sure, then we are heading to a club in Norwich - Bella Notte

I am a little hesitant about this, because tonight is R&B night. And this is going to sound terrible, but....though I can dance, I feel uneasy about it. Looking around the pictures for Friday nights, it seems there will be a lot of people there, and I don't do well with large crowds, add in the fact that the music there I can dance to, but don't really like? yeah, again, not so sure.

But I am going to gather my courage and try my damnedest to have a good time. At least at this club I can sit down, when my feet start to hurt from high heels. The last time we went clubbing, if you wanted to sit you had to either rent a booth for $200 for the night, or go to the restrooms and sit in the chairs there....yeah....

So my main issue with tonight is clothes shopping. I went to try and find a new dress, and found...absolutely nothing that looked good on me. I felt like a beached whale, to be honest, and so going to a place that is essentially a meat market, with several women who are definitely skinnier than myself, I feel very...not so last time I went clubbing, I am almost positive I will end up watching purses while my other friends are asked to dance. Yep, I'm that girl...the one who drinks by herself and watches everyone else having a good time....I am praying against all hope that tonight, just for a little while, someone will at least find me attractive enough to dance with me for a few minutes, so someone else can watch the purses for a change....

I usually am not as self-conscious about my looks or weight, but I fear a repeat of last time I went out with my friends. I know I am not a young girl anymore, and I know that being married repels some people. But I do have that ego, and though it was enlarged greatly earlier this week, that doesn't mean I wouldn't like it to happen again tonight! I probably wouldn't feel so bad if shopping hadn't been a complete disaster and waste of time. I may like to see fashion, but apparently todays fashions were not made with a full figured woman in mind. This bums me out, but I suppose I'll get by...

So I'm off to pack for tonight and get ready to meet the girls in a few hours..

I hope you all have a great weekend!


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Anonymous said...

A few years ago, Hubs and I took the kids to Disneyworld. Son1 was 22 and Son2 was 17. One night they took me to a club that was YOUNG with a college crowd. I said I felt weird and Son1 said "Nobody knows you who cares how you dance? Everyone will be looking at the young girls, so don't worry about it." It wasn't as harsh as it sounds. I relaxed and hada great time. I must have acted confident because 3 young frat boys asked me to dance that night(much to my surprise and delight)

Go!! Have a great time and don't agree to watch the purses!!

Lori said...

Cissa -
Ever hear that phrase "Dance Like Nobody's Looking?"
Chant that as your mantra - I do whenever I go out and might end up making a fool of myself on the dance floor.
I couldn't dance when I was young and single, now it's just laughable.
But if I've had a cocktail to loosen me up, and if the music moooooves me ... baby it's so much fun I don't care what an idiot I look like.

You and your new gorgeous hair need to go ROCK that joint!!

Liz Hill said...

I hope you had a great time sugar.

Anonymous said...

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