Sunday, May 25, 2008

Everyday it's getting closer, going faster than a roller coaster

What's that saying? - "The best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry"

Yep, that sums up my life in one sentence.

I never did get to go dancing on Friday. But a good time was had by my friends and I none the less. For the most part, when stupid women drama didn't interfere....also...

Misk ended up ruining my night as I was trying to get to sleep. I don't want to get too much into it. Let's just say, he was on my shit list all day yesterday, and I nearly almost was going to have the cops called on me. But I resisted the urge to use the baseball bat on his head....I'm not joking. I was that pissed off at him.

Lesson for men from Cissa: DO NOT fuck with a woman when she is at "that time of the month". More men go to hospitals or morgues that way.

Today is Sunday, and usually in about an hour, I would be going to work...but not today! Today, I get to stay home...til 5 pm anyway! Boss Man decided that today and tomorrow the restaurant is closed for the holiday. The bar is open, and tonight I will be bartending for the very first time!

Pros of this:

1. BETTER TIPS - I have had crap for tips this week, seriously. I'll pull in at least double if not triple of a normal waitressing shift.

2. NO UNIFORM - i can wear whatever I want...oh yeah sexy, low-cut, cleavage-showing tops. I'm no fool - sex sells, and showing cleavage will get me lots of compliments and better tips. I could use both after a super slow day yesterday.

3. I GOT TO SLEEP IN! - 'nuff said

Cons of this:

1. I won't get to be Turnbaby's guest tonight on Blog Talk Radio. I felt terrible, but...I need the money for BrittCon. Luckily she graciously understood - YOU ROCK TURNBABY!

2. I will miss ALL of the great Blog Talk Radio Sunday shows. Kind of a bummer. Sorry Karl, Hilly, Mr. Fab and Turnbaby...

3. I will not get to bed until late tonight. This is only a minor con, since I can sleep in tomorrow.

Wow, that's about it for me today....I hope you all are having a great Memorial Day Weekend. Tomorrow I have a big ole party to go to at Brandi's. I am excited. I love hanging out with my friends! For now, it's off to dye the roots, get some groceries, and make some pasta salad for tomorrow...YUM

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!


p.s. Please remember WHY tomorrow is a holiday folks. As the bumper sticker says "If you love your Freedom, THANK A VET!" (and that goes for ALL active, reserve and National Guard military too!)

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Mr. Fabulous said...

We missed you. Hope you made a fortune in tips!