Thursday, May 01, 2008

First day of may, Things are beginning....

Yesterday was the 1 year anniversary of my step-dad's death. Mom handled it pretty well, I think. She excited about the new chapter in her life, but she was quiet yesterday, naturally.

Yesterday was a great day of reflection for me. It was rather relaxing. Went to new Haven, got the last session in for Angie at Dental School. My teeth are so clean and white now!

But today, is a joyous day. I am celebrating.

It's Beltane, better known as May Day.

Spring is in full swing, flowers blooming, trees budding and blooming. Nature is waking up and saying HEY PAY ATTENTION!! THE WORLD IS ALIVE AGAIN!!

One of the best things about today was early, early, just after midnight. Misk and I were laying in bed, just..talking...about all sorts of things. And I got his support for some future personal and spiritual endeavors, as well as his interest in it and his own knowledge of things. He is the best husband ever I tell you! We talked on a level that we don't usually, and I was so excited to hear what he had to say. I felt like I was surrounded in a cocoon of love. I know it sounds all mushy and gushy, but really. I truly haven't felt this close to him in a long time.

Sunday I will gather with some friends and celebrate. We'll have a May Pole and everything. I can't wait.

Did I mention that later that evening I will be the guest to Mr. Fab's Radio Show? hehe Hope you all will tune in!

Tomorrow is a gonna be a fun day. Misk and I will bring the kids to Kids Karnival at the Sub Base Youth Center. I get to sign the kids up for Cheerleading, eat carnival food and go on rides! WOOT!

Well I gotta get ready for my last day of 6 days straight of work...I hope against all hopes I actually have customers tonight! That would be nice for a change. You know, making money....

Have a great Thursday


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Dr.John said...

Sorry it's just too far to go for food.
Glad things are going well.
Love is indeed a wonderful thing.