Monday, May 05, 2008

I am sunburnt and it HURTS. And not in a normal way sunburnt, I mean like ONLY my face.

Seriously. After 3 layers of Aloe Vera and a good nights sleep, I am not any less red in the face than I was upon arriving home last night just before being on Mr. Fab's radio show. I was still riding out the adrenaline of the days activities to fully appreciate how red in the face (literally) I was. After signing off and finally looking in a mirror, I understood why my friend called me "beet red".

Normally, this wouldn't bother me, because I know it's a sign that it will tan out, which it usually does. But it's my whole face. And then it started to hurt, and radiate heat. And then I did something stupid.

I had an itch on my nose, and of course went to scratch it. BAD IDEA.

The pain was so intense from my little scratching, that my eyes watered up and I yelled in pain. I had to sleep on my back yesterday, because I couldn't lay on my pillow. The contact to my SOFT PILLOW caused too much pain!

Layer after layer of Aloe Vera goes on my skin. I hoe that I will tan out nicely the next few days.....

Hope you all have a good Monday. Mine has NOT been so great. AND, I have to work tonight -- UGH!


2 flame(s) added to the fire:

othurme said...

I know the pain. I have never in my life spent more than 6 minutes in the sun without a nasty burn. I get them all the time.

cathouse teri said...

BEST thing ever for sunburn... tea tree oil. If you can get it in a lotion or a balm, even better. Not kidding. It's a miracle worker. Although, it's best when used sooner than later. Works on all kinds of burns. And everything really.

Amazing healing properties. Even better than Aloe!

Beautiful page, btw. :)