Saturday, August 05, 2006

Ladies Night!!

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Today is the day!! Nessa's Bachelorette Party is tonight!! I am so excited, I can't wait!! I have a few games planned, but mostly drinking, and semi-debauchery is planned. And dancing, lots of dancing! I got a sexy little dress. I can't believe I actually bought it. I will try to take pictures. hehe.

Emily is coming with me and stay with a sitter in RI. That's because tomorrow, my dad and step-mum pick her up at Nessa's and take her back to Martha's Vineyard (a small island 7 miles off the coast of Cape Cod) -- FOR THREE WEEKS!! WOOOOT!!

So it'll just be me and Kaity til I leave for Nessa's Wedding. I am actually kinda psyched. Kaity is a bit more easy going in the entertainment department, as far as keeping her entertained. Plus, she likes to snuggle. I will miss Emmy's laughter. And her funny little Mini-Adult comments. And her ability to pick up on stuff I am tlaking about. They each have their qualities that I admire. It will be a little weird. I have never been away from either child this long in thier lives. I know she will be fine. But she is my baby....but I won't hear fighting for 3 weeks!! Good Lord, THAT will be a FIRST in this house!

For those who are wondering about my health and haven't called or e-mailed -- I feel sooooo much better after 4 days of meds. Plus the decrease in temperature and humidity around here has stopped aggrevating my chest and breating. I feel about 95% normal! YAY!!

Well gotta start the day. Watching my friend Jen's kids at 9 or so. She's meeting us at Foxwoods at Club BB King too. If any of you live in New England and wanna meet us there? 10 pm or so. Look for the girl with the veil - that's Nessa. I'll be the one pouring drinks down her throat! HAHA!!

Oh yes, one more thing....


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Anonymous said...

Hey there- I might run into you ladies. I won $$ on three scratch tix in a row last night (I only bought 5!!) Anyways, the BF and I were planning on heading to Foxwoods or Mohegan to continue the streak! Hope you all have a great time!

jeopardygirl said...

Cissa, I am sorry I haven't called or e-mailed... right now, I feel like a really bad friend, and I apologize!

It's great that you're feeling so much better, and I hope you'll enjoy the non-fighting atmosphere at home.

I also hope Nessa's wedding was as beautiful and amazing as you and everyone else thought it would be.

Lastly, about your Birthday countdown, I am laughing my butt off...I think I started something. :)

B.R.L said...

Have a great party.
Enjoy the no fighting.
Continue to get well. hoping for 100%

Mr. Fabulous said...

I wanna go to Foxwoods! I wanna go!