Wednesday, August 16, 2006

It's Not Like I've Been Terribly Busy....

Because Honestly I haven't. I mean sure, I have been cleaning, packing, and running errands. But I also have found the time to hang out with friends, and level my character on EverQuest2.

Yesterday I did some shopping. Someitmes I think Wal-Mart and Target are the Devil. I spent way more than I should have. Oh well...just means less booze at the wedding LOL

I got Nessa's Wedding Present. I think she'll not be surprised at what I chose to get her. She'll think it's is SO ME...I mean it was off her registry and all, but still....totally Me. Heh. Just gotta wrap the honking big box!

Vanessa's wedding is in 10 days. WOW. I am excited. I drop Kaity off with my parents in a week. Then I am child free for 5 days! CRAZY!!!

I wish I had more to write about, but life has just been...rather ordinary! It's a nice change to have some ordinarty stuck in there with the insanity I have had to deal with as of late.

I have head from Hubby a few times. He's overworked, underslept and hardly eats. Prisoners have it better than Him. Well except that whole "could get raped or killed while in there" thing. HEHE.

I'm off to get some boxes today and to take some pictures to send off to Hubby. Hope You All are having great week!

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