Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Am I cracking up, or just getting older?

And now, I have my second opinion, which apparently was not far off from my first opinion, written on my ER release form, although verbally was told something different.

Ladies and Gentlemen, at the tender age of 30 (31 in 19 days), I have been diagnosed with Gastritis!

Yes, apparently all the foods I have loved and eaten over the years, along with the lovely pain drugs called NSAIDS, have created a lovely condition in my stomach. BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE!!

Not only do I have that lovely little condition, I was given a blood test for some bacterial strain that causes something called Peptic Ulcer Disease which he suspects I might have because my attack came on so suddenly with no triggers! Isn't that grand??? My doctor said that he was not happy that I wasn't given a copy of my blood test results from the ER, so I will have to have more blood taken. It was not fun. Now every time the phone rings, I cringe in fear looking at it.

In the mean time, I am on a regimen of once-daily Nexium for my gastritis. Ugh.

If I ever complained of feeling old, it is now official: I am getting old. I have acquired a condition that is usually not diagnosed in people until their mid-30's....fabulous, I am 4 years ahead of schedule.

And the whole changing my diet thing? Yeah I do have to do it, and it is totally gonna suck. However my doctor did say that and wine was ok, but anything harder was bad, so thank the Lord & Lady, my Friday nights have been redeemed. Now you all know what to buy me if you see me, or just feel like sending me a nice birthday gift. I prefer Pinot Grigio or Reisling....oh and chocolate? I can have that too, but small amounts at infrequent intervals. Translation: My birthday, Christmas and Valentine's Day. How bloody wonderful! *sigh*

So that's the update with me. I think a few of you made comments about bland food cookbooks and recipes, and I would love the names of those books or copies of the recipes. But Queenie, I don't think I could do vegetarian. I love dead animal meat too much, and since I can't eat too many kinds now, I will savor the little I can. Misk isn't too thrilled at the fact I will be buying more healthy foods and less fun foods, but he also realizes he doesn't want to see me like I was on Saturday ever again, so he's willing to compromise.

Well my hour of waiting to eat after my daily pill is up, so I must be off to have some toast. *sigh* Have a great day all....

Oh wait, I have to mention, I am going to Boston on Friday for the weekend to see Shell and do wedding stuff. There is an Italian Festival this weekend, and you know what? After tonight's dinner (spaghetti & meatballs, with the world's blandest tomato sauce, Ragu) I can't have tomato sauce for a while, like a sucky is that? I have concluded that life is not fair.

I feel like a whiny teenager again....maybe I am not so old afterall?? hehe


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blondefabulous said...

It could be worse.... you could be me. I have Celiac's disease. I found this out when they diagnosed it in my daughter and said....."It's genetic, so we must tset you too." Celiac's is the Gluten any wheat, oats, bran, or anything made with wheat or wheat byproducts is out! No bread, no cake, no crackers, and do you KNOW how many preservatives are made with gluten?? Like almost EVERYTHING! So all I and my daughter have left is veggies and lean meats. That's it. nada mas. Like 3/4's of the food sold in america is now off limits. Le sigh......

Unknown said...

That sucks - - good to know you can still have wine though. Try a low-sodium cookbook. Still great tasting foods, but better for ya'. I'll search around and send you a few different book names. Glad you're alive and well though!

Lex Valentine said...

It could be worse. You could have an ulcer. I've had one since I was 14, but it's like a volcano. Since I've learned to deal with stress the ulcer just bugs once in awhile, making it kinda like an inactive volcano. And I'm allergic to tomatoes and oranges so I never could do much eating/drinking of those, both of whom are very bad for people with ulcers and gastric issues. If I eat too much of them though...OMG the pain is appalling, not to mention the itchy hives from my allergy. ;)

Anonymous said...

I have acquired a condition that is usually not diagnosed in people until their mid-30's....fabulous, I am 4 years ahead of schedule.

You over achiever you. Look on the bright side - I recommend hunting for the bright side as you consume a bottle of that yummy wine you can have, it just works out better that way - You will be getting healthy, so you will probably live longer, which will enable you to have more chocolate - so you won't REALLY be missing out on anything. Oh and since you are going to live longer, you can have more sex too. THAT is never a bad thing. Heh.

Anonymous said...

My name is Jon Star and i would like to show you my personal experience with Nexium.

I am 34 years old. Great medicine. I only hope that I don't become dependant on it. But as my esphogus heals then maybe I'll be able to take an OTC PPI if my symtoms re-occur and I catch them ASAP! Can't wait for a generic. BLUE CROSS of MA won't pay for Nexium unless I start on generic Prilosec, then Protonix, then if both of those failed, they would pay for Nexium. I hate BLUE CROSS! My Dr. was great in giving me 7 weeks of samples when he heard this and Aztra-Zeneca gave me a 7-day coupon I re-deemed at my local pharmacy(with a written 7-day script from my Dr.)

No major side effect. Sometimes a feeling of indigestion/bloated, possibly due to low or no stomach acid as a result of a PPI. So, I am sure to chew my food well and not to eat large portions. I have introduced foods/drinks back into my diet, that before taking Nexium would otherwise bring-on reflux symtoms. Fruit juices and citric acid containing drinks still are bothersome. But, I've eaten Pizza, and am able to drink coffee/tea, both decaf(not to excess though.) A little at a time. I do not drink any alcohol! I still limit any food intake 3 hours before bedtime and try to sleep on my left side. Nexium has given me the greatest relief as compared to all OTC H2 and OTC PPI's. I'm on week 5 of an 8 week treatment.

I hope this information will be useful to others,
Jon Star