Thursday, June 01, 2006

Buddy the Squirrell Hunter

So many of you may recall my cat Buddy brought a bird into the house last month. Well, about a week or 2 later, he did it again. That time I took the bird in a hand towel and he got out safely. Apparently Buddy has moved on to more challenging game.....This happened Monday, and between cars, money and fights with Hubby, I forgot to tell you all...I'll just share the IM log with Jeopardygirl this morning.....names and spelling errors have been changed to protect privacy....

CissaFireheart (9:15:21 AM): OMG did I tell you about the squirrell???

Jeopardygirl (9:15:38 AM): no, is it AJ's squirrel?

CissaFireheart (9:15:45 AM): Monday I was on the phone with Nessa's Mom

CissaFireheart (9:16:07 AM): and the girls were pointing at something by the stairs, and I saw buddy laying at the bottom

CissaFireheart (9:16:25 AM): looking like he was attacking the girls clothes again or a toy

CissaFireheart (9:16:31 AM): I go over to shoo him away

CissaFireheart (9:16:45 AM): I realize - IT'S A DEAD SQUIRRELL!!!

Jeopardygirl (9:16:50 AM): ICK!

CissaFireheart (9:16:57 AM): I screamed at the top of my lungs

CissaFireheart (9:17:10 AM): poor Nessa's Mom was like "What? What???"

CissaFireheart (9:17:25 AM): I told her there was a dead squirrell at the bottom of my staircase.

CissaFireheart (9:17:33 AM): got off the phone

CissaFireheart (9:17:57 AM): ordered the girls to STAY ON THE COUCH AWAY FROM THE STAIRS

CissaFireheart (9:18:27 AM): did a running jump to the small landing after 2 steps over the squirrell incase it was still alive

CissaFireheart (9:18:42 AM): ran upstairs to wake Hubby and scream about rabies

CissaFireheart (9:19:21 AM): then came back down. leaped over dead squirrell again. asked the girls if it moved. it didn't

CissaFireheart (9:19:32 AM): got some plastic bags and newspaper

CissaFireheart (9:20:09 AM): made Hubby pick it up and place in plastic bag, then double bagged it so flies and scavengers wouldn't smell it

CissaFireheart (9:20:21 AM): made Hubby take it outside and deposit in the trash

CissaFireheart (9:20:40 AM): then took trash out and covered dead squirrel in bag to hide it

CissaFireheart (9:20:41 AM): lol

Jeopardygirl (9:20:51 AM): your cat killed a squirrel?

CissaFireheart (9:21:06 AM): freaked out and wondered how I'd missed the fact that he got IN the house with a dead squirrel

CissaFireheart (9:21:11 AM): apparently

CissaFireheart (9:21:20 AM): we see him chasing them all the time

Jeopardygirl (9:21:23 AM): that's a good watch cat

CissaFireheart (9:21:29 AM): birds, squirrells, chipmunks

Jeopardygirl (9:21:37 AM): Mo got a bird, once.

Jeopardygirl (9:21:40 AM): and a mouse

CissaFireheart (9:21:52 AM): we all know he's done birds, apparently they aren't a challenge any longer LOL

CissaFireheart (9:22:14 AM): I will never have to worry about mice now, of this I am certain LOL

Jeopardygirl (9:22:30 AM): lol

CissaFireheart (9:22:46 AM): but christ, I could have killed him that moment I was so freaked out

Thus ends the excitement I had this week.....We are buying the hard aluminum removable window screens for the downstairs, so that Buddy cant push them out and go in and out as he pleases...nor can he drag dead (or live) animals inside with him. Enough is enough....what's next? Skunks and Possums?!?!

2 flame(s) added to the fire:

Honey said...

OH NO! Don't say skunks or it will happen. Go ahead and stock up on canned tomatoe juice. It helps rid the smell of skunk! My dogs always got sprayed growing up! Or, they'd roll in cow patties. What would we do without our animals?!!
=( boo hoo...
I will still have to get rid of mine if we move!

Anonymous said...

I have smelled a few skunks around so be careful! I am glad the rodents have only found their way into your half of the house so far!