Monday, April 10, 2006

Buddy and the Bird

I have a cat. His name is Buddy. He'll be 3 years old in June. He's a bit on the crazy side. The girls love him. Well...Yesterday we had a bit of excitement that involved him in the Fireheart Household. I told Jeopardygirl about it on the IM today, and rather than type it all out again, I will just show you the IM log. It has been edited to take out some personal info that need not be broadcast. Like our IM names, etc. But altogether, a very exciting episode for a Sunday.

CissaFireheart : OMG

CissaFireheart : I have to tell you about my cat and the bird

CissaFireheart : holy carp I can't believe I didn't tell you yet
(and yes readers, I did mean the FISH carp)

Jeopardygirl : what happened?

CissaFireheart : ok so yesterday I was getting dressed around 11:15 or so. Emily had a party at 12 to be at.

CissaFireheart : as I am drying off, I see Buddy is trying to get at something under the baseboards

CissaFireheart : well Buddy's a couple cards short of a full deck at times, so I passed this off as Buddy Being Weird Trying to get a marble or something from under there

CissaFireheart : but he's REALLY going at it, so I start to wonder to myself "Shit, maybe we have a mouse"

CissaFireheart : By now I’m ½ dressed, and I go around my side of the bed again to take a look at him and his going after this whatever

CissaFireheart : all of a sudden, he flings his head out from the baseboards, and there is something considerably good-sized and grey and has WINGS in his mouth!!

CissaFireheart : I yelped, ran out of the bedroom and slammed the door

CissaFireheart : somehow, a BIRD was in our house, under the baseboards!!!!

Jeopardygirl : holy carp!
(she meant the FISH too)

CissaFireheart : I called Hubby frantically and he comes up I gave him a frenzied shrieky rundown

CissaFireheart : he's like "Why didn't you just take it from him?”

CissaFireheart : I'm like “DUH!! BIRDS HAVE DISEASE!!!!”

CissaFireheart : I closed the door because I was afraid it might attack me or the kids and we'd get the bird flu or rabies

CissaFireheart : lmao

CissaFireheart : Hubby thought it was funny too

CissaFireheart : so we go in the bedroom

CissaFireheart : and Buddy is pawing at my slipper by my bed

CissaFireheart : SOMEHOW, the bird got OUT of Buddy's mouth, and had burrowed itself in the toe of my bedroom slipper

CissaFireheart : I was freaking out "Is it dead? Is it bleeding?!"

CissaFireheart : Hubby's like "No, he's alive and trying to hide"

CissaFireheart : So Hubby takes him downstairs and out the front door. As soon as Hubby taps the toe, the bird pops out and flies away.

CissaFireheart : I then direct Hubby to put the slipper in the washer because of germs

CissaFireheart : the end

CissaFireheart : lol

Jeopardygirl : I half expected you to throw the slippers in the garbage

CissaFireheart : lmao
CissaFireheart : nah hot water will disinfect it

CissaFireheart : with bleach
CissaFireheart : but now I have 2 questions

Jeopardygirl : Mo (her cat) caught a bird, once, but it was outside. She lunged out the front door after it, and brought it onto the front porch

CissaFireheart : 1.) when did the bird get under the base boards??
CissaFireheart : 2.) HOW THE HELL did the bird GET IN MY HOUSE and under the baseboards?!?!

And there you have it, readers...My Sunday Morning.....

$10 says Mimi freaks out and starts looking under her baseboards now! ;)

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Anonymous said...

How the F**k did a bird get in there? Do you think he could have brought it in from outside and you just didn't see? Or could it be the girls ripped window screen?

Jay Noel said...

My neighbor's cat left me with a wonderful present on my driveway last summer: a rabbit's head.

How thoughtful.

Dr.John said...

That story is for the birds. It is weird what birds can get into. Once when my office was under the organ pipes we heard walking around above us. To get to the organ loft we had to take a ladder and climb up through a trap door. What we found was a bird in the organ pipes. He knocked some over and messed on some. We got the bird to fly down through the trapdoor and out. Never did find out how it got in there. Cost a good deal to put the organ back in shape. We had no bird insurance.

B.R.L said...

Ihave never had a wild bird in my house. Owned two that were in cages. I have had a bat, fun was had by allws

Anonymous said...

Hah, reminds me of my mouse episode this week! Check out my blog on myspace for the scoop.

Gabreael said...

Well, he is a pretty cat.


kristi said...

A bird in the house is supposedly a sign of good luck in some cultures. When cats bring things to you, it is them showing that they love you. I get lizards all the time from my cats

Bilingual Blah Girl said...

I once had a bird in my bedroom. It had come in through the open window and was very hard to get out again. But under the base boards? Very strange.