Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Summer is in Full Swing

So since my last post.....

Hubby left on Wednesday. He really is gone for a while now. He'll be back soon though. The kids have been playing with neighbors and friends from school, it's been nice.

I have been furiously working on getting the house clean, so that I can go to the Vineyard this weekend for about a week. I hate coming home to a dirty house, so if I can get some semblance of order done, I feel more at ease getting home. Today I am tackling the girl's bedroom. It will take me about 3 hours because I am going through toys, and getting a few bags for Goodwill ready, then I will sort all the toys into the bins they belong in, the toys alone takes about 2 hours! Hopefully, because I am removing so many toys this time, cleaning will be less of a task for them and me in the future.

Mimi is away and I have the task of getting her mail. She didn't get any until Monday, which freaked me out a little, because I thought that maybe I was not supposed to get it.

This past weekend it rained. POURED. The kids and I went to a craft get together with the boat wives, to work on thing for the Big Deployment coming up. I didn't get much accomplished, but it was nice to get out of the house for a change!

Emily has asked me if we could get a kitten. I am not against this, but I want to get Buddy to a new home first. His bird and squirrel antics are becoming more regular and my patience is wearing thin. My mom and dad in New London took him over the summer last year, adn were sad to see him go, so I asked mom if she would want to take him again, this time permanantly. She was no opposed to it, but has to check with dad. So Buddy will still be in the family, just at a different house. I also have to email Hubby and make sure this is OK with Him...but I think it will be. As long as Buddy isn't here any longer! I'll keep everyone posted.

Yesterday I recieved a surprise in my inbox. Dr. John informed me that I won a "Doctorate" in his JC points drawing this week! I was honored. As soon as I get it, I will post a picture of it. I am so excited! Thank You to Dr. John!

Well I am off to clean. I have been trying to read more blogs, but with the summer, it is a busy busy time, and I don't always have the time. I may have some time while on the Vineyard, but probably not. I'lll check in again before I go.

5 flame(s) added to the fire:

B.R.L said...

I am like you finding it hard to read blogs. Glad you got a Doctor degree Enjoy your summer.

Mr. Fabulous said...

Have fun on the Vineyard, lucky!

Dr.John said...

It has to be hard to be a navy wife. you seem to handle it well. Your certificate should be in the mail tomorrow.

Kodijack said...

I have not been here in awhile, but I am impressed by the bio pic, very nice, very friendly.

Can I warn you about something? Kittens are a frickin nightmare. Adopt a 1 year old cat from a shelter nearby and you will save $, your house, your sanity. Trust me.

B.R.L said...

Came from Dr.johns bye