Thursday, June 08, 2006

Time Out With Em

Last night, to mark the first full day of summer vacation, Emily and I went and did some something together. No Sister and no Daddy. Em call's it "Together Time"

The first day of summer was cold, and most of the day it was pouring. What a way to mark it. UGH! Emily had expressed interest in us doing something together, because we hadn't in a while, so I tried to find something that would be inexpensive, and fun. And since it was pouring, I knew Chuck E. Cheese's was gonna be packed, I decided to take her to see "Over the Hedge" and grab something to eat in the mini mall where the theatre is located.

Dinner was under $10. I love Subway and their $2.99 sub of the day. Yesterday it was ...mmmmm Turkey. Emily got a tuna kids pack, but she was so excited about the movie, she barely ate anything. So we headed to the theatre. Holy crap. The tickets alone were over $15 for an adult and child! Then snacks-- I came home with $1 left of the $40 I took out of the bank. I cannot believe how expensive movies are now! Granted the last few times I went to the movies it was a matinee, but now I am seriously considering seeing matinee's every time from now on! UNBELIVEABLE!!!

The movie was funny. The story line was a bit predictable, but it's pretty much a kid's movie, so of course, for a 20-something mother it was going to be. But the chracters were funny. My favorite scenes involved "Hammy" and his doings after having a caffinated beverage toward the end, and a scene after that, involving the porcupine babies. I was rolling.

While I reccommend that you either go to a matinee or wait for the DVD, Over the Hedge is a funny film. Both parents and kids (who are suckers for slapstick - animated or live action) will enjoy it.

The Bonus? When we came out of the theatre, it had stopped raining, and was drying a bit. It made me hopeful that all this rain would go away in time for Saturday....Well, It's still cloudy, but I am still holding out for a miracle...

Oh, I should mention, that after splitting a small popcorn, Twizzlers & Sno Caps with me, Emily came home and finished her tuna sandwich. I was so proud!

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Anonymous said...

Oh man. Now I want tuna and popcorn and sno caps. I dont want the twizzlers though. I still got all those that Durk bought for Bingo! I am twizzlered out!

Glad you had a special outing with Em! She is such a sweet and smart kid.

Anonymous said...

Awwwww ... Together time! That is sweet, I'm glas it was a fun time

Dr.John said...

For a chance to grow closer to your daughter it was worth the expense. I think we'll take the grandsons to a movie next week.

Jay Noel said...

Taking a family of four to the movies is like making a downpayment on a car these days.

Mr. Fabulous said...

I'm a matinee man myself. Sounds like awesome together time!

B.R.L said...

We went to Cars tonight with our grandchildren. That was a good time. I glad that you and Emily
had that time together. I had mixed report on Over The Hedge from my grandchildren two said over the Hedge was better than Cars' I liked cars but haven't seen Over the Hedge.