Wednesday, June 21, 2006

I leave for ONE weekend...

...and the whole blogging world changes!! But first let me tell you about the weekend, breifly...well as briefly as I am capable of....

Friday I arrived at Nessa's after much confusion from Hubby and my organizational skills. I finally got on the road, and of course, hit traffic as soon as I reached Rhode Island's Metro area. Ahh I-95 on a Friday Afternoon....good times, good traffic and lots of stop and I met Danielle, Nessa's "main" bridesmaid at the house. We unloaded the truck and got to the grocery store. Got food, and then went to another store and then headed to the best italian bakery in Rhode Island - Calvito's. Armed with egg biscuits and pizza strips (mmmm..I missed those), we went back to Nessa's and unloaded groceries. We started working on final arrangements, then Nessa came home. Then we headed to my favorte chinese restaurant and had an aweseme dinner. A great start. But we still had a lot of work to do.

We worked on food til midnight - as well as polished off a couple bottles of wine and wine coolers - with Nessa's mom and talked, told, stories and nearly wet ourselves from laughing so hard at some points. We made major headway, but it was past midnight, and we needed to get to bed. I was asleep by 1 am.

Saturday I was awoken by Kaity (she was with me, part of the confusion mentiioned earlier with Hubby) at the lovely hour of 5:45 am. Needless to say, I got started on more food prep and when Nessa woke at 7 am , I was in desperate need of coffee, so Nessa made a Dunkin' Donuts run. Ahhh...I felt much better. Daneille arrived about 10 am. We got down to business with finishing up the food, and getting supplies, etc. ready and then showered and all got dressed. We were out the door and headed to Nessa's Grandmother's by 1 pm.

At arrival we made iced tea, hot tea and got the food tables set up. Then we started to get guests! I had to run back to Nessa's because in all the craziness, I left Nessa's gift at home - duh. I got back and the party started.

With all the food, and games I was busy busy busy. Everyone was entertained from the games and laughed and oohed and ahhed at Nessa's presents. Everyone seemed to really enjoy the shower and I got lots of compliments. My feet were killing me and I was so, so tired, but we cleaned up and headed back to Nessa's. I was planning on crashing again there, but a phone call to Hubby made me change my mind. So, I made the drive back to CT, through some lovely pouring rain showers, some of which I was going 45 on the highway because I couldn't even see the front end of the truck. I arrived home only to find out hubby had called and told me to stay in RI a mere 15 minutes earlier due to the weather...Oh yeah, thanks Hubby!

When I arrived home, I set out at wrapping Hubby's Father's Day presents from me and the kids. Then I spent the evening watchhing DVD's in bed with Hubby and the kids.

Sunday the kids and I presented Hubby with his gifts. A new drill and a new watch. He seemed very pleased with both and we had a relaxing morning. We went to the mall, did a little shopping and came home and ordered out for dinner. A nice day was had by all.

Monday I did some much needed relaxing. I didn't do too much cleaning, and took Em to the doctor's for her school physical. She got 3 shots, but was very brave. Both kids got stickers for being so good. Emily is 3 ' 10"!!! She is nearly 4 feet tall at age 5. She is off the charts. I was gobsmacked!

So as for the changes I mentioned at the beginning fo the post....Mimi's new layout is fabulous. Go check it out. I plan on having Pixie redesign this site soon...Dr. John and Laurie have made a great little friendship and Dr. John even made homage to her in Pigeon Falls, the little town he and his wife Betty are building in their backyard, complete with trains and people. Make sure you read the Pigeon Falls updates at then end of his enties. They are so well thought out and a very interesting story!! I have to admit, someday I'd love to see it in pictures, completed. I am sure Dr. John will oblige.

Well I certainly have written a book today. And now you all are caught p on MY life over the weekend and the beginning of the week. I hope to post again later....

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Jay Noel said...

Mimi's site looks great.

I don't get that Pigeon Falls reference. I checked out those links, but I'm clueless still. Am I missing something?

Dr.John said...

This is the longest post that I have read by you. It looks like you had a wonderful party and a rough ride home.
I don't know if I should pray that your husband will go to sea or not. Thanks for the Pigeon Falls plug.

B.R.L said...

WOW what a busy time you had. It sounds like you did a great job. Sometimes all our worring is for nothing.

It must be hard for you to prepare yourself for hubby's leaving and then find he is staying only to still not be sure of what is to happen.

Anonymous said...

No lie, that was the best party ever. Everyone I talk to keeps raving about what a good job you did! The other little girl- Alyssa- was thrilled with the cucumber sandwiches, and she is obsessed with her tea cup! Her mom says that she drinks her strawberry milk out of it every morning.

Seriously, you made me feel so special by putting so much work into this for me. I think it's possible that you might be more excited about this wedding than I am! Well, maybe not quite, but pretty close!

Thanks again for an amazing day. Love you so much!

B.R.L said...

Wow nice blog came from Dr.Johns bog bye TcoB