Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Technology is NOT My Friend

So the tranfer to the new computer has gone relatively smoothly. I got all the files I wanted over to this fast , mega-memory computer. I have all my bookmarks, pictures, documents, programs, everything I could possibly think of.

So I am playing Texas Hold'em on Poker Stars last night...just chillin', relaxin', winding down...Mimi's husband had just entered the game table while I was up getting Em a drink....I start to type HI to him. As I hit enter, I realize it didn't go I try again -- nothing. So I do an IM to him -- NADA....I look up at my modem. The online light is not on. Damn.

So I go make sure it isn't that the internet is down. It's done that a few times with this company. I go next door and talk to Mimi and her husband for a few minutes. Mimi's internet is working fine. Damn. Time to call customer support. After about an hour, I still have no internet. So I go upstairs and watch TV. The irony being I have cable, but no cable internet -- go figure.

This morning I am awoken by the tech people calling my cell phone to schedule them to come take a look at everything. My theory is that my 6 year old Motorola Surfboard Modem has died. It lived a good life...and probably needs to be replaced.

Finally at about 3 pm, my internet is back. Damn that was draining. I was going through withdrawral of email and blogging....on the upside, the tech said my modem was running just as good as it should be, and that he doubted I should need another one for another few years. Good. I really didn't want to fork out $65 for one this week.

But I'm back... for now....the cable guy said the signal is real weak, and it's not my modem. The internet could go out again. That would totally suck, doncha know...

Sometimes I think I should have gone to ITT Tech. The I could have fixed this shit myself. And not gotten insulation from my attic on my freshly vacuumed landing *grumble*

2 flame(s) added to the fire:

Jay Noel said...

So...what was the problem?

If the tech said your modem is fine, but the signal is weak...then what's wrong?

:P fuzzbox said...

Good luck getting it up and running smoothly.