Monday, March 13, 2006

Like Father Like Daughter

My daughter is officially a video game junkie.

Her birthday party on Saturday yeilded a decent amount of new presents. Barbies, golls, Brats, etc. You know girl stuff. But Me, being completly osessed with Emily being the smart child I never was, did not indulge this year in a toy that she can play with conventionally.

She had been asking for a Nintendo Game Cube. Well, ain't NO WAY IN HELL I was going to buy a 5 year old a $200 system and then games at $50 a pop. NO WAY. So I figured I'd get her a V.Smile. That way she could play a video game AND learn....Well since it's been tken out of the box, she has barely done anything else. Not interested in TV, or videos, or ANYTHING like that. No, she wants to play her V.Smile. And it's $20 games. And she's already learning math. Best $60 I've ever spent.

Sometimes I am so amazed that I actually do the right thing for my kid. I am not a teacher, and I know that. I have got her in a pre-k program. I got her a learnign video game. I have got her papaer to practice her writing on. I am actually getting the paretning thing down....

Now if only I could drag her away from the V.Smile to get ready for school......

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Honey said...

The V-Smile is GREAT. My daughter will be turning 7 at the end of May and she has one. She has had it since they came out, I think 2 years, I dunno. But, she still plays it. So yes it is the BEST $60 spent. She likes it better because she doesn't have to plug it in, bad part she lives it on and the batteries go dead all the time. Here soon I will trust her to plug it in on her own. Anyway, I second your thought and it sounds like your a great mom.