Friday, March 31, 2006

Springing for Spring

Well, the weather here in New England has been absolutely fabulous this week! I've been outside more and more. As have the kids, playing on their swingset that we bought RIGHT as it was getting cold....Lots of people are congregating in yards after woork, and you can smell grills firing up for the season all over the neighborhood. The crocus' and daffodills (my favorite) are blooming all over the place, including my yard (who knew I had bulbs? certainly not me) and are truly making me feel like the earth is waking up's just ....I have no words to describe it that truly capture how I feel.

SassyGirl mentioned in a post that she feels like running around naked in this fine fine weather, and I haev to say I feel similar. Nothing like a fresh, clean -smelling Spring to jump start the mind and body. This weather is refreshing!

Sports have started around here, of course. Baseball and T-Ball practices for the Navy Community have been going on all week. It's been awesome. Emily had her first T-Ball practice yesterday evening, and I only have one thing to say:

I need to teach my child how NOT to throw like a girl! SERIOUSLY!!

It's not her fault really. She's just never been a physically adept kid. She was nearly 18 months before she walked. She only learned how to jump properly last year. Bicycles are a big issue for her. Plus, she's a bit clumsy, so she's just not a natural athletic person. This hasn't been a problem for me really, until now. I played softball for 4 years as a kid. From age 12 - 15. Yes, 4 springs....and I was on a pretty good team. We made it to the finals for my league 3 out of 4 years I was on the team. I was good at softball. I'm not the most atletic person NOW, but back in the day, I never really had problems with sports, dancing, bikes, etc. Seeing my child struggle makes me wonder who's genes she got in the athletics department.

It's Hubby's. Honestly, it HAS TO BE....he's just not an athlete. Never really was, to my knowledge. He sure as hell isn't now! HAHA....

So, starting today, I am going to take an hour or so every day and work on throwing and catching with Emily. I am hoping that by next weeks practice, there will be noticable improvement. I owe it to her, as my child, to at least work on this with her. And Hubby already mentioned to me last night that he was never good at baseball. So it's all on me...

That's OK! I don't mind! It's a good excuse to go outside and spend time with Em....and relive my glory days on the field. Or whatever.

On a completely unrelated note, I'd like to say thanks to all of you who commented on my HNT post yesterday! I feel I must be doing something right if you all think I am smokin'! Hubby was entertained by some of your comments, and I could tell he was proud as a peacock about me being his hot wife....Which he made sure to emphasize on last night! ;)

I'll try to post again tomorrow...but if not.....Have a great weekend everyone!

4 flame(s) added to the fire:

Lushy said...

Could you please teach me not to throw like a girl, too? I can't help it. I always have thrown like a girl and it's really embarrassing.

jeopardygirl said...

Baseball was the one sport I could do. I wasn't much of a catcher, but I almost always hit the ball, and I never threw like a girl. But hockey was the sport of choice in my town, and even though I played pick-up games once in a while, I was terrible. I also did not to do well at Track and Field events or soccer. sigh.

I was also clumsy. Em will grow out of it...

Anonymous said...

Ah, yes. coming from a girl whose father insisted she not throw like one, I sympathize. Of course, my parents finally gave up and had a boy. ;) Love your blog, Cissa!

Jay Noel said...

Having been an athlete and a coach as well, I have to say that some kids are born with the athletic ability and some just aren't. can be learned. I've worked with kids that just gave it their all, and enjoyed it. With some effort, they were right there with those that didn't have to work as hard.

Nothing's wrong with throwing like a girl, as long as the ball gets there...unless you're a boy throwing like a girl, that is ;)