Sunday, July 02, 2006

Greetings from the Vineyard!

HELLO EVERYONE!!! I have been super duper busy having a great visiti with my parents and realxing! I am taking a break from the fun to say hello to everyone, and give you all some updates on my life since I posted last week!

Well, I cleaned like a crazy person, and the house will look great when I get back :) We headed to Nessa's house on Thursday and hung out. Nessa and I followed up a lead on some kittens. The girls had fun with Nessa's little sister, and we all went to bed early. Got up at like 6:15 the next morning, got dressed and headed towards the Vineyard. We managed to make the 9:30 boat and by 10:30 we were walking up Circuit Ave.

Later that afternoon, after a short cat nap for us all, I checked my phone and saw that Hubby had called!! I was so sad I missed his call. Later on in the evening, I got to talk to him, and it was so nice. We went to the flying horses, and Kaity got the brass ring! That night , as it was my mom's birthday, we had a cookout, cake and presents for Mum.

Yesterday, we went to Flying horses again, and this time Emily got the brass ring!! Then in the afternoon we hit the beach, and I got together with my friend's Eric and Kristina. Eric cooked dinner, and much to my and Kristina's delight, it was very good! I had a drink or two (or maybe a bottle of Merlot) too many, and they drove me home. Somewhwere in there Hubby called twice, and we all had a good laugh talking to him.

Today we were planning on Strawberry picking. Well, we got to the place, and it was closed. I had called a head to make sure it was going to be open, but after checking the paper after going into town, we discovered I had called the wrong number (even though the recording I got with the first number did indeed say they were open). So I called the number in the paper, only to discover that the farm was closed indeffinitely, due to the heavy rains in June, much of the crops had been ruined, and there was no strawberries left to pick. It was a sad sad thing to find out. The girls were especially disappointed at the news.

So I am waiting for Mum to get home from the store so we can go out for a baot ride on Uncle Jim's boat. This girls have had a great time in the past, and I am hoping we will maek it out today. I hope you all are having a good week, and I will check back in again in a couple days with tales of our vacation. I'll have to wait until I get home to post pictures, but I do have some great ones! The ones I have now up here are collected from the net....

Talk to you all soon! Have a great Holiday!

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B.R.L said...

This was a nice post sorry I missed it when it was posted. I am glad you are having a good time