Saturday, April 08, 2006

Thank God for Small Miracles

It's not that I don't mind being busy. It's that when I have 500 things concurrent and I have to find time for all of them that I get cranky and stressed. ANd then I get E-Mails like this, this morning....

Opening Ceremonies and Saturday's Games Are CANCELLED! Because of the cold, nasty, rainy, New England, "springtime" haha, weather.

I only had one thing to say about it, and although Emily will be disapointed, I could not cease the whoop of joy and dropping to the knees, throwing my hands to the ceiling, and saying loudly "THANK YOU JESUS!"

ok time to deal with the 437 other things on my schedule today! ;)

4 flame(s) added to the fire:

Dr.John said...

Glad to see your comment this morning. I'm glad I nade you laugh. I'm also glad that you took time from those 437 things to do to leave a omment on my blog.

B.R.L said...

My list of things to do should have gone down but it has not. I love snow days. I can find time then to do things in the house.

Dick the Boomer said...

Sometimes gifts come from the least likely sources - like cold, nasty, rainy weather.

Jay Noel said...

You get much spring up there?

The company that just laid me off is from Tolland, CT. I guess I won't be going back there for anything anymore. It's a beautiful part of the country for sure.

Good luck with getting everything done today.