Friday, April 14, 2006

Poor Baby

Well we made it through surgery. I say we, because I was a wreck worrying about Hubby until I saw him. We left at 7:45 to drive to Newport Hospital in RI. I have one thing to say about that. No, two things. Wait, make that 3:

1. RI has some FUCKED UP road signs and crazy ass roads to get lost in.

2. Bridges SUCK.

3. Mapquest couldn't find a shorter route if Jesus Christ Himself came down from Heaven and worte the bloody directions. I would have saved about 30 minutes driving if I had gone on instinct and taken an earlier exit on the way there.

Ok, so we get there and Hubby checks in. Then they take him back and say they will set him up and come get me. I go back in ther after about 10 minutes, Hubby's in his hospital gown on the gurney, and the nurse is going over paperwork with him. Then the Anthesteseologist (I can't spell it) comes and talks to us, along with the Doc who's cutting open the foot. Apparently, they are putting him COMPLETELY under, and this surprises me...but I go with it. Of course, now, I have flashbacks to Grey's Anatomy, and am starting to mentally freak out. I tell Hubby I love him about 100 times. I kiss him and hold his hand a few times. Then the nurse puts in the IV. Cue me averting my eyes, cause needles and blood make me queasy. I'm pacing now, kissing Hubby and repeating how much I love him another 100 times or so. So a few mintues later, it's time for him to go in. And the waiting begins.....

I actually was very prepared. I had food, drinks, and Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince to read yet again. I figured I'd go with something that I enjoyed. make the waiting seem less tedious. It ALMOST worked. It really wasn't a long wait. About an hour and 17 minutes later, the Doc comes out and tells me everything went great, and that he's just waking up from being out. I assume they're gonna call me back soon. 20 minutes later, still no call back. So I go to the reception and ask if they think I can go back anytime soon. I'm starving by now, and the leftover chili from the night before in my bag is calling to me...the nurse guy says "Go eat, it'll be at least another 30 mintues before they call you in". So I venture to the Cafeteria, heat up my chili and eat...then I head back up. Apparently I took longer than I thought because the nurse guy sends me straight back to recovery saying Hubby's been asking for me. They are signing Hubby's release forms. COOL. By 1 pm, we were out of the hospital, Hubby was in the back seat of the truck (leg propped up of course) and we were on our way home. Remember my #1 and #2 on the list up there? Yeah....they are to be noted right about now in my story.

So we get home. My Dad apparently had a fiasco cooking breakfast because there is burnt bacon and grease all over the back stoop. And all over the outside wall of my storage closet. My first thought I say aloud.."What the HELL....?" We go inside. It looks like my kitchen, or rather my garbage disposal has puked eggs and bacon grease all over the kitchen sink and counters. Great, I'll have to clean that now. But what's even better is the note on my kitchen table:

Cissa & Hubby,

GMH stopped by at 10 AM - Inspection next week - hide fence clean up carport.


WONDERFUL, so now, I have to do that too. I got Ed upstairs and settled on the bed, foot propped up, laptop set-up and a drink. Emily gets home from school. I take Dad home. Well, the weather is GORGEOUS, so I decide to take advantage and work on the carport. About 4:30 or so I start. WOW, it really was a mess, and a lot of leaves. I got it all looking pretty nice. Even Mimi said it looked good. I still have to move the fence today, but the weather is lovely again today, so the kids can play outside while I do that. But I am pissed about it for several reasons.

First, they would not have even noticed the car port needed cleaning if my truck had been parked there. Which, 90% of the time, it is. Maybe if they gave me a friggin' house that wasn't smaller than a bloody breadbox, I couldn't have my stuff all in the carport. Second, I have seen carports in MUCH MORE of a mess too. I plan on making sure to ask about that on my "inspection" day. Exactly how many other people did they tag with "inspection warnings" on my street? cause if they didn't I am going to make a list of the ones that looked worse than mine....and Lastly, my husband pays quite a bit of money for this tiny little house. The least these jerks could do is let me have a little bit of a mess ro compensate for the lack of storage space! Christ, I can't believe they are gonna ge upset over some leaves and boxes in my driveway....

So it's the next day. Hubby's still doing OK, although he says he's in a bit more pain. He's taking his meds, but I think the shock wore off, and now we're in for some not-so-fun times while he heals. Here's a few pictures of my man today. He's all set up again - laptop, drinks, tv remote....and one of his bandaged/cast foot.....

The Poor will he ever survive??

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Anonymous said...

I am sure the Poor baby will do just fine!

I am glad everything went out!

GMH are a bunch of robbing assholes!

Jay Noel said...

I'm having problems with my fence as well. It got knocked over in tornadic winds, and they want me to replace it. I have a huge yard, and it will cost $8,000. Yeah right. I'm unemployed...I'm just hoping to be able to put food on the table.

His foot is wrapped up pretty well there. The second and third days are the worst. I'm sure he'll make a full recovery.

Anonymous said...

Hey! I meant to say I am glad everything went okay! OOPS!

And BTW! You know I love you! I did not list you on my blog buddies that I wanna meet cause I see you every day! DUH! I would love to meet them all.

Dr.John said...

My wife can understand what your going through because I'm always the one being operated on or hospitalized. But she never gets to take ne home on the day i go in. I'm really glad everything worked out well for you. One always gets better faster at home than in the hospital. I hope your husband is a better patient than me. I was so demanding.

Anonymous said...

So glad to hear everything went well ... I hope the recovery goes well (and quickly) :)