Tuesday, April 15, 2008

(New) London calling to the faraway towns...

A mere 3 hours after my last post I was stuck in what I like to call "my worst nightmare"

Traffic. Due to an accident.

I wasn't in a hurry, but I was tired, Angie was tired, and we just wanted to go home and relax. Misk had called only a few minutes earlier because we were running a half hour later than I told him I would be home, and I waived off his "wondering" with a sigh:

"We're almost to the bridge dear, we'll be home in 10 minutes..."

2 minutes later, we were not moving.

We could see the news helicopter in the air, so we knew something was happening. Hell traffic on I-95 was stopped dead, and it was obvious it was right smack ont he Gold Start Bridge. That crosses the Thames River. Which litterally leads to my neighborhood. The traffic, which happened to fall in the midst of Rush Hour. Yep, it was 5 o'clock. traffic ended up being backed up for miles....

After waiting for a bout 20 minutes, Angie figured out that we could make the alternate route to the "Mohegan Bridge" and down rt 12. yes it would take a little while longer, but it was better than sitting in non-moving traffic, especially on a day when the weather was warm and we had a tractor trailer exhaust right next to us and we could not roll the windows down, for the fear we'd die from the diesel exhaust *sigh*

Apparently we were not the only people who had the idea to take the alternate route, and of course, even the alternate route was slow. Had we waited an extra 15 minutes, we would have been able to make it over the Gold Star Bridge and home a lot sooner, I think. But we didn't know what was happening or how long, so at the time, taking the alternate route was a good idea, I think.

So I didn't get home til nearly 6 pm. Do you think I was about to clean? Hell NO!

Misk and I went out to dinner, walked around Wal-mart then went home and hung out.

The cleaning was defaulted to today. Which obviously I have not started on yet. Because I am here, talking to all you people...Or tying rather...

Oh and did I mention it is Military Pay Day? Yep, I gots errands to run. Before work at 4 PM.

Damn, it's never gonna get cleaned, is it?



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