Friday, July 07, 2006

So Long Buddy

Well, today Mom came over to do the laundry. When it was time to go home, Buddy was loaded in his crate, and went home with Mom. Mom called later to tell me that Buddy was adjusting well, and was already settled into his favorite spot - the window facing the street.

Earlier in the day, Buddy had gotten into Mimi's and attacked poor Cubby Bear. Not to mention last night before I went to bed, I discovered a dead robin head and 1/2 a wing on my bottom steps...yeah, it was time for Buddy to go....

And just in time! Nessa will be here tomorrow afternoon and she is bringing 2 beautiful twin baby girl kittens! Today I bought pink and purple collars for them complete with little bells, and they are hidden away from the girl's view. They have no idea they are getting a kitten tomorrow, nevermind 2! Hubby sent me an e-mail yesterday asking me to take pictures of the girl's reactions when they see the kittens. I know he's secretly excited about it...LOL

I made a purchase this afternoon. Well 2, actually...the first I can't tell y'all about...but it is awesome. Well Mimi knows about it....but the other thing I bought was a Hoover SteamVac for the rugs. I am so excited. I am gonna clean the rugs and furniture. I am practically giddy at the prospect of it!!

But I haven't shared the bad news for today....I went to the dentist today. I knew I had to do it, and I have had the appointment for 2 weeks. Well....the good news is, after not going to a dentist for 10 years, I have zero cavities! The bad news? I need to get all 4 of my wisdom teeth extracted. I am going to have to find someone to take care of the kids and me for a day or two.....because I will be so drugged up, I won't know my backside from my elbow.....

So, that's been my day in a nutshell...I am not looking forward to surgery....but I know once it's over, most of the pain will be gone forever!

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jeopardygirl said...

I had my wisdom teeth extracted a few years ago, and actually, wasn't in as much pain as I thought I would be. However, i HIGHLY recommend general anaesthetic (if your plan covers it).

TWO kittens? Lucky, lucky girls!

Pixie said...

Half a Robins head :\ Yuk.
Cissa, you need to get out more if the prospect og steam cleaning rugs is exciting you !! I thought my life was uneventful...wait a min now you mention it steam cleaning does sound like a good idea...

I had 2 wisdom teeth out when I was 18 but I had to have them taken out in hospital (under general) its not that bad honest! You look like someone has punched you in the mouth and have to eat chew everything with your front teeth for a few days.

B.R.L said...

You must be taking care of your teeth to have no cavities.

Two kittens the girls will be happy. It sounds like Buddy is happy also.

Charlene Amsden said...


I kept a cat for years that had horrific mood swings. Once he backed my (adult) niece up the stairs and she locked herself in the bathroom until I came home. Finally one day he turned on me -- I was napping on the couch and woke to a full scale cat attack. I had to lock myself in the bathroom.

Before I got away he'd biten me 9 times. The bites infected almost immediately and I had to get two antibiotic shots and take a truckload of pills to clear it up.

The vet gave me tranquilizers for the cat, but they didn't mellow him. They only made it easier to avoid his slow motion attacks. He never calmed back down, so I finally had him put to sleep. I'd had him for ten years, and I had always had to put him in a bedroom when company came, but he'd never bothered my family -- or me -- until those last few months.

I know some people think it's wierd to fear a cat, but ten pounds of mad with teeth and claws is major scary! I am so glad that the two cats I have now are mischievious, but sweet-tempered and loving.

Gingers Mom said...

Urg! I know what you mean. Trying find time to fit in the dentist when you have kids and a forever away husband is practically impossible! I found your site through Mimi. Good to meet ya fellow Navy wife!