Friday, July 28, 2006

F*#@d Up!!

My MySpace account got deleted without warning. and I am not the only military wife I know who's did.

Apprently My 1st Amendement rights are hereby terminated when I married my husband.

Would have been nice to at least get an explination or warning, though.

Oh yeah, today DEFINITELY IS SUCKING!!!!

4 flame(s) added to the fire:

Anonymous said...

mine was deleted as well (or at least thats what it said) with and i have no affiliation with the military. i think they are just having technical problems since the blackouts. it will come back, mine just did.

Anonymous said...

hey-this is Jess. Remember I said it was a myspace problem and NOT a BOAT WIFE problem? check this out . I think it's all fixed now cuz I was just on yours and Aimee's pages just fine and dandy. :)

Dr.John said...

Well it sounds like myu space just had the kind of problems that blogger often has.But you still had a bad day. Ah but tomorrow will be better.

B.R.L said...

I don't have any answers. Thought I let you know that I was here. Hope everything will clear up.