Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Snow, Valentines, and Bad Driving

WOW. We got a lot of snow. I measured 8 different places around my yard on Sunday evening, and it was anywhere from 9 - 22 inches. INSANE!!!

Yesterday I had to dig my way out of the driveway. school had a 90 min delay, but that did not affect PM K/Pre-K classes. So I got Me and the girls bundled up, and began to shovel. My friend Jen from down the street drove by and asked fif I needed help. I took it gladly....It only took me 1 1/2 hours to get to the street with Jen's help.....I don;t know why it didn't dawn on Me to take pictures. I guess I was just too tired.

Mimi was out of town and got stuck in Maryland for another day. I knew there was no way she was going to get into her driveway if I did not shovel it for her and her husband. So, after Emily was dropped off, I started on their driveway. about 1/2 way through some little mini snow plw comes through to plow the sidewalks. great, but then they blocked in the end, where I had JUST finished shovelign!! I gave the guy the finger the next two times he dorve past. heh.

So, 2 hours later I finish Mimi's driveway. I had slipped a few times, and almost fell on my ass and broke it once or twice. and the repetitive motion of it all, especially the leaning down part.....well....I was hurting. But it was OK. I had done this for my friends.

After I woke up this morning, I mentally kicked myself for being stupid and doing it all myself.....I was stiff, in pain, and still even now, I hurt. I took a hot shower, but it didn't do too much. Tonight I will break out the heating pad.

Today is Valentines day. yep. We don;t do this holiday too much in our house. it's just not a big deal. Mostly because Hubby has been gone for most of them. Oh well.

I got a surprise today. I was expecting something. I had seen the OBSCENELY HIGH amount withdrawn from the bank account in VA. I had been warned by Hubby to expect something. When I wasn't sure, but i figured it HAD to be for today....yesp. at about 10 am, I saw a car pull up. I went to the door.....and the guy had flowers for me!! Here they are

Aren't they gorgeous???? I dunno if they are worth the OBSCENE AMOUNT Hubby paid for it though....oh well....

So to the last part. Bad Driving. This is what happened to Me. I drove to pick up Emily from school. Attempted to do my usual 3-point turn on the side street to park and get her. Well...I reversed a little too much in the 2nd point, and wound up rolling back into the small ditch on the side of the road. (I drive a standard, when I released the clutch and hit the gas I rolled a lil bit) YES IT WAS SNOWY AND WET. I am an idiot, I know. BUT in my defense, I am not the IDIOT who bought a "SUV" without 4-wheel drive. So I blame Hubby. Truly I do. Hehe.

So that's been my Valentines...lovely, eh?

Happy Lovey Dovey Day to You All....if You celebrate it, that is.....

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Anonymous said...

Happy Valentine's Day! Hope it gets better. ;)

Sassy said...

those are BEAUTIFUL! Happy Valentine's Day!

Anonymous said...

Thanks again for doing the driveway! I hope you aren't hurting much longer!