Wednesday, October 26, 2005

School Days, School Days

My 10th High School Reunion is coming up. But before I get into that totally, let me explain something...I grew up about an hour from where I live now in a suburb of Providence, RI - the city of Cranston. I actually moved there from Providence when I was 6 years old. Long story short, we moved in with my Nana because we had gotten robbed in the projects of Providence one too many times, and my mom wanted a better life for me and my brother.

OK, so from 1st grade through 11th grade, I lived in Cranston. I went to Cranston Public Schools. from 9th-11th grades I went to Cranston High School East. Well technically 9th grade I was still physically at a Jr. High, but that's because our school system was weird; but I digress. So for most of my life, I went to school with the same group of people. My senior year, I moved to my Dad's in Massachusetts, because I needed a change of scenery. I had gotten out of a long-term mentally and sometimes physically abusive relationship, and had turned to drugs. I knew I had to get away from the place, the guy, even my freinds, because I was going to end up either a teenage mother, a drug addict or dead before I even graduated. It was a big step to leave my senior year, but I wanted a better life for myself, and if I had stayed in Cranston, I wouldn't have gotten it.

So techincally, I graduated from a different High School. But most of my class in Cranston I had known at least 5 years, some of them 10....I still really felt like Cranston was my high school.....

Fast Forward to last May. I find out that my HS reunion is Thanksgiving Weekend. I even know the girl who's head of the Reunion Committee! I e-mail her to see if it's possible for me to go, because even though I didn't graduate with them all, I WAS with these people for MOST of my educational life. I even was at Graduation, and threw my mortar board, standing next to my friends (my toher HS graduation was the week before, so I had it already). I got the green light to be included and I was estatic!

Well, I have waited, waited and waited for my invite. I have checked the website every week for updates. I find out the invites were sent out at the end of September. I never got one. I e-mailed to find out what's the deal. Apparently one was sent, but I never go it. Then I am told that the deadline for money is OCTOBER 31st!! HELLO?!?!

Well, finally after spamming this woman, I get the info I need, and the check is ready to be sent out. Watch me get the invite on Nov 1st. It's the way my life is....

And I had all these reasons why I wanted to go. But of course in the infinate way my universe goes, I went to do a spellcheck on the blog and half of the whole thing got deleted. so I will summariaze, because my hands are starting to cramp and I don't want to retype it all again...LOL

1. I want to see old friends I still have contact with and relive the good times.

2. I want to see how some other people turned out - from morbid curiosityfor some and hope some of them got better lives than they had in HS for others.

3. I want to show off to the people who tortured and teased me throughout the years. I want my life to be better than theirs and I want them to know it. I want to look better than them, and I want them to know it. I want them to regret their teasing and see me as the awesome person I am, and then feel horrible about how they treated me. It's very petty, I know -- but that's what I want. A sense of having the upper-hand, of being better, happier, and prettier-- and of them knowing it.

And so with that, I will continue my regimen of crunches to get rid of the tummy pooch 4 years of pregnancy has brough to my body. I can't look hot with a pooch now can I? LOL

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