Wednesday, October 19, 2005

New York, New York!

Yesterday, me, my two kids, and my mom step-dad went to New York City for the day. I was up at 2 am, because I couldn't sleep and was excited. The cab got us at 4:30 and the bus left New London at 5:15. We got to NYC about 9 am. I walked outside from the Port Authority, and I got sensory overload immediately!

We did a lot of walking, a lot of shopping....there are so many people on Manhattan Island, I am surprised the place hasn't sunk yet! The tall buildings are georgous. The little parks in the middle of it all are great. And the weather was wonderful to walk around the city.

I met a friend, Ross, in mid-town for lunch. He was good-natured about my step-dad and his gruff personality. He chilled with my kids. He must think we're loony tunes! LOL

Then we went to Toys R' US in Times Square. First of all, it's insane. Times Square I mean. Lights, cars, people...only 3 times that of the rest of the city. I saw people screaming for the cameras at MTV studios. What a bunch of freaks. So you MIGHT get seen on TV by a friend or two, so what?? Why scream and look like an idiot? *rolls eyes*

So we go to the Toys R' Us. by this time, we had been on our feet about 8 hours. I was tired, so was Mom. She was freaking because my oldest didn't find a toy right away. OK, they had built up this place ALL DAY, and it's the only place Emily wanted to go. LET THE POOR KID EXPLORE!!! If they didn't want to take an hour in the store, they should have let us go there FIRST THING!!! I was starting to get cranky about everything. It was time to go home.

The bus ride home was hellish for me. Kaitlyn, who had napped for part of our day in the stroller, decided she wanted to be held for 3 hours...but she wouldn't sit still. I have the bruises toprove it. And then if I put her down at all, she screamed and cried. On top of holding her for nearly 3 1/2 hours, it was FREEZING in the bus -- the vents at our feet were blowing cold air right up my pantlegs! Oh yeah, and this annoying-ass business man talked on his cell phone --QUITE LOUDLY -- about the same stuff over and over. Some guy in his office had a trip and got reimbursed for a higher rate and made money off it from the company....over and over and over, in great detail about how this was achieved. I wanted to throttle him. He wouldn't shut up!

So we got to New London, then got a Taxi home. I was tired, but the kids were not. They didn't settle down until 11pm. I didn't get to sleep until around Midnight....and was awoken at 7am...ugh...

Next time we go, the husband is coming with us! Let HIM carry the 40 lb backpack....and maybe we can space it over 2-3 days...all that stuff in 1 day was too much for me....

Now, to rest today...hopefully.....

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