Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Gone with the Wind

Hurricane Wilma has hit Florida and 6 million people are out of power at the moment. It's a bit of a downer. The US is just getting Blindsided by the weather. Since last summer (2004), when I was evacuated TWICE out of Panama City Beach, I had a gut feeling about the weather. I was glad we were moving in less than a year. Now I am SO GLAD....kinda....

Not that the lovely weather up here has been much better in the last month. Parts of Connecticut have been flooded so bad, sink holes have occured, people have been flooded out of their homes. Almost like a Mini-Katrina experience. In the last 14 days, it's rained about 9 of them. And then we got about 4 days of sun. And now, it's raining again....but now it's worse.

We have flood watches all over CT. Being on the coastline, we are at risk of the Thames River rising. It's not gonna be so bad. Excpet for at my house. Oh wait, did I mention a Nor'Easter? That's right, high winds, and lots of it for the next 3 days.

The way my "duplex" unit in housing is set up, I am in the middle of a hill. there is a house about 500 feet from me up hill. then my side of my building, then my neighbors, then the rest of the slope on the other side of their driveway. When it rained for that 9 days straight earlier this month, my driveway was flooded with about 6 inches of water. try carrying two kids in and out of a car for 5 days. needless to say, my laundry was filled with soaked clothes all the time. I am still catching up.

But Nor'Easters are different. yes, there's rain...and the wind. I'm now more afraid my house will blow away than anything. the wind will blow leaves and water and everythign else into MY carport because I am in the MIDDLE. Clean up is gonna be a pain in the ASS because the husband isn't gonna be home for a little bit. Oh yeah, did I mention that? I have to deal with this weather alone. No help. Bugger!

so all this lovely weather is making me thnk about winter. It's gonna start snowing here in a few weeks, and guess what?? I will be buried in a mountain of snow because I am in the middle of the damn hill....AAAARGH!!!

well I gotta go venture out in this lovely weather. My mom needs to do her laundry....ugh...pray I make it over the bridge to New London and back without getting blown off it!

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