Friday, October 28, 2005

The Challenge

Yesterday, in my 100 questions, I mentioned that I talked to a friend for a long time on the phone. She had called to chat 'cause the last time we had spoken, all she did was vent, and the girl needed to, and she wanted to have an actual converstation with me. I was happy to talk to her. I always am!

Nessa is one of these friends that, no matter how long I go without contact to her, as soon as we connect again, it's like we're still in school, and we always have something to say. We've known each other since the 4th grade, when we were thrown together in the "gifted program" I mentioned in the Incredibly Average post. Anyway, so after a while, we started talking about our 10 year reunion. We both talked about how we still wanted to lose a little weight so we'd look INCREDIBLY good for it. I told her about how I'd lost 17 lbs this summer, and I only had about 15 to go to get to where I truly wanted to be. It was then that I issued The Challenge.

Nessa and I are going on a basic Weight Watcher's regime. Add in some crunches, lots of emails and phone calls, and we hope to lose about 10lbs this month, at least. I think she'll lose 5 the first week. I know I did back in the summer! I'd be thrilled with losing 10 lbs. And damn it, I WILL!!

Now, I am not going to reveal our starting weights, because 1 -I think Nessa would shoot me, and 2 - you certainly don't need to know how fat I am! Not that I'm FAT, but I could stand to lose 15 lbs. However, watch every Friday for progress with Nessa and me. See how much weight we've lost, and cheer us on. I'm off to a good start, points wise, and see no reason to fail, as of yet. The Challenge has begun!

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