Thursday, October 27, 2005

100 Things About Me

So I decided to asnwer some questions I found online....some of them are lame, but what the hey, I'm bored.....I also want to add that the perso's site that I got these from is absolutely my LEAST favorite kind of young person today, the kind of person who can't use proper English for more than 2 words at a time, and has taken the "netspeak" into everyday life -- "I luv u ppl , bt I saw Orlando Bloom b4 ne1 elz!!" I actually was physically pained reading her answers while editing them out to put my own. I have a headache from cringing at the disgustingly excessive idiocy my eyes and brain were subject to. I actually think I MAY have lost IQ points by reading it!

The fact that she shares the same name as my youngest child has filled me with fear that my child will become one of these mindless idiots...oh hell no! I will see to it that my child knows proper English and uses it constantly-- or die trying!

but I digress; my questions & answers: **EDITED March 2008**

1. Whats your full name? I am not answering this question...NEXT?

2. Whats the colour of your hair? Blonde

3. Whats your starsign? Virgo

4. Do you sing in the shower? Occasionally

5. Why? If I got something stuck in my head (usually a song from kids' TV shows or movie) or if I ever get a radio in there again it will be more regular singing.

6. How many people do you trust with your life? About 10, I'd say

7. Whats your eye colour? Green/Hazel - depends on my mood and clothing

8. Right or left handed? Right

9. What do you spend most your time doing? Blogging, sitting on my computer and surfing, housework, getting my kids juice or food, working at Raya's in Gales Ferry, CT!

10. Whats your 5 favourite items? Bed, Computer, coffee maker, wedding ring set, diamond earrings and Coach purse I got for Christmas.

11. What do you look for in friends? trust, compassion, empathy, sense of humor, patience

12. What do you want in a relationship? Love, laughter, good sex, understanding, patience, trust

13. Do you fall in love easily? I used to as a younger person.

14. Do you believe in love at first site? Abso-floggin-lutely! My husband is my example.

15. Are you happy? Yes

16. What colour is your room? off-white walls

17. Do you prefer night or day? night -- kids sleep and I get peace

18. What do you want to be when you are older? A grandmother

19. Who lives with you? Husband, 2 daughters - ages 7 and 4, and for a few more weeks my mother.

20. How much do you think about the opposite sex? Always. I'm married to a guy afterall.

21. Do you have any piercings? ears - two holes each

22. What kind is your phone? GE cordless DECT 6.0, whatever that means...

23. Have you ever won any special awards? yes. Most improved in Softball in 1990. Most improved in Cheerleading - 1995. Gold Medals at International Music Festival 8th and 9th grade chorus.

24. Do you like comedy or horror movies better? Comedy. Horror movies give me nightmares - bad ones.

25. Whats your favourite perfume? Vanilla Musk, Lady Stetson

26. Do you prefer hugs or kisses? Both

27. Whats your favourite ice cream? Chocolate

28. If you died tomorrow (god forbid) who would you leave everything to? My husband & my children.

30. Whats your greatest fear? Death of a loved one

31. Do you have any enemies? Not that I know of

32. What car do you want to drive when your older? um...a Jaguar

33. What cant you live without? caffeine

34. Do you care what you look like? Only if I am trying to impress someone

35. What School do you go to? I don't go to school. But my daughter does. Not gonna saw what school though.

36. Have you ever fell asleep in class? Yes. I am surprised I passed the 11th grade.

37. Do you believe in yourself? Depends on the issue. I have low-self esteem when it comes to my parenting abilities, my cleaning abilities, and my long-term goals. I do however believe I can sing, act and write pretty well.

38. Do you believe in your friends? Um, yes. Even the imaginary ones.

39. How many people are on your msn contact list? I have Yahoo....not sure how many people...probably about 20 or so...

40. Whats your favourite shops? Target, Wal-mart (they have EVERYTHING), Old Navy, Borders, Best Buy, Toys R Us (I like to buy my kids stuff), Christmas Tree Shopps, Bed, Bath & Beyond, Micaels, AC Moore, Home Goods....

41. Do you look older or younger than your age? I look younger than my age. I still get carded at bars, and sometimes when I bought my cigarettes too.

42. Do you act older or younger than your age? It depends on the day! I can act like a responsible adult sometimes, but most days, I act younger than my age. It's hard not to with two kids 7 and under around most of my day!

43. Whats your favourite website? wow. that's a toughie...Ummm...We'll go with (see sidebar for link) :)

44. Do you prefer summer or winter? summer. I hate winter. Remind me again why I convinced my husband to have us move to Connecticut again?!?!

45. Do you prefer lace or satin? Satin.

46. Have you ever belonged to a gang? Um, NO!! oh wait, yes..LMFAO. The Beachmont Avenue Posse. It was a bunch of us who used to walk to junior high together. We started it, because another group of kids who walked together, The Walk-Home Posse wouldn't "let us in" thier "cool kids" club. Too bad they were all geeks mostly anyway! LMAO AHHHH, the memories!

47. Whats your favourite alcoholic drink? Midori Sour. My good friend Kerri turned me onto them at 20, and I've never looked back! I also am very partial to Sex on the Beach's lately....

48. What radio station do you listen to the most? WCTY 97.7, 104.7 The Wolf, 98.6 WNLC

49. What tv station do you watch the most? VH1 and Hallmark Channel both about 4 hours a week.

50. Do you prefer hangin out or chillin? Um, what would be the difference?? See what I mean about losing IQ points?

51. Do you prefer lads or girls? Lads mostly, girls occasionally ;)

52. Double dates or just the two of you? What's a date? haven't had one of those in AGES!

53. Whats a major turn-on for you? personality. Intellect. You can be hot as hell, but if you're dumber than a fence post or meaner than a cat in a shower stall, I lose interest! Besides, looks aren't always everything -- I mean look at me! I still managed to get laid regularly, and then MARRIED even! I'll tell you, it wasn't for my looks all the time! And certainly not for my income!! ;P

54. Whats a major turn-off for you? Stupidity, ignorance, disrespect.

55. How far would you go on a first date? Well seeing as I haven't had a first date in nearly 10 years...I'll say probably just a kiss goodnight.

56. Would you rather type or write? Type. I have atrocious handwriting. I only hope my kids get good handwriting, because then they won't be able to forge mine!

57. On the phone or in person? For what? That's a little too vague for me to answer.

58. Is it right to flirt with other people when you have a gf/bf/spouse? I added Spouse. And I think it's OK to flirt. It's an ego boost, a chance to show you still got it. I may be married, but I'm not dead. I still find men attractive, and I know my husband still finds women attractive. To say otherwise is a blatant and intentional lie, to yourself and others. To me, flirting is like shopping; I may see a killer Vera Wang dress and drool at it's beauty, but it doesn't mean I am gonna take it home with me!!

59. How old will you be/were you when you have/had sex for the first time?13. I was raped. By my friend's brother. He was 16. I had a crush on him(who didn't? he was hot), and he knew it. He took advantage of it. Now he's in an unhappy marriage and stuck in the small town he grew up. He got his payback. At least on Earth for now.

60. Do you plan on having kids? Yes. In fact, I already have given birth 3 times!

61. What age? 23, 24, and 26 for each birth respectively

62. Do you plan on getting married? Um, NAH!! Well, I am already married as I have mentioned a FEW times...

63. What age? 21

64. Who would you get married to? Johnny Depp? Seriously? Hubby ...He's said we can have a real wedding on our 20th anniversary...I am gonna hold him to that!!

65. Where would you go on your honeymoon? We had a week in Hawaii when we moved there before he had to go to work. It may have been 10 months into the marriage, but it was still fun :)

67. Do you prefer sunset or sunrise? Sunset. I don't have to lose sleep to see it!

68. Whats the best feeling in the world? Knowing I have a family that loves me very much.

69. Whats the worst feeling? Learning that the child that you have just given birth to is dead.

70. Whats your favourite girls names? Victoria, Veronica, Anne, Josephine

71. Whats your favourite boys names? Elijah, Hunter, Josiah, Phillip, Severus

72. How much do you love your job? I love being a mom. I only wish I had shorter hours sometimes. Oh yea, and a bigger paycheck ;)

73. Have you ever had your heart broken? Yes, very severely ...but I am just about over it, I do believe....

74. Whats your favourite day of the week? Monday. I don't have work, AND the children go back to school after the weekend! YAY for breaks from the kids!

75. Favorite day of the year? My birthday - August 31st. It's ALL about me that day!!

76. What do you do to vent anger? Cry, scream, kill things in EverQuest 2

77. How many cities have you lived in? 11.

78. What colour is your bedroom carpet? dark brown tight woven all-purpose carpet...It's all over my upstairs and stairway.

79. What do you do when you are bored? I Blog, or I read other's blogs, or I play Everquest 2.

80. Whats your e-mail address? There is a button on the left you can click on to e-mail me.

81. Do you prefer skirts or dresses? Dresses... less to wash & hang

82. Are you shy or outgoing? Outgoing

83. What was the last thing you drank? Diet Coke

84. Who was the last person you talked to on the phone? My friend Vanessa . I've known her since I was 9. That's over 20 years! EEEK!! I AM GETTING OLD!! (edit to add: eerily enough, 2 years later, this answer is EXACTLY the same, even though I hadn't talked to Nessa in about oh...3 weeks! crazy!)

85. Do you prefer shower or bath? Shower. It's more refreshing to me. Baths are nice on occasion, but it's a lot of hassle and time consuming. And with 2 kids, time is not something I have a lot of to clean myself for.

86. What are you thinking of doing at Christmas? Going to my Dad & Step-mom's house with the husband and kids. I've missed Christmas at their house! :)

87. Whats your favourite song?I have 2-- "I Can Only Imagine" by Mercy Me and "Seasons of Love" from the Rent Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

88. Do you prefer your phone or computer? computer. I can use chat programs to talk on it to friends and family for free! Anything that saves me money and hassle is GOOD!

89. Do you prefer talking or singing? Talking. Less effort, and you don't have to worry about sounding off-key with your normal voice.

90. Do you prefer going out or staying in? Depends on the day. Some days I just wanna hang out. Some days I need to escape the house!

91. Whats your favourite club? Um.....Chuck E. Cheese? LOL kidding. Seriously?Either Raya's or The Spot. They are both a restaurant/lounge here in the area I live in. Food and drinks in one place? that's for me. I don't dance anymore anyway. I am not into the club scene. I'm too old for that shit. Plus Raya's has Karaoke...I LVOE karaoke!

92. What are you wearing just now? jammies, unmentionables & socks

93. Are you picky about who you go out with? Well there always has to be a Designated Driver! ;)

94. Do you like roller coasters? not really. I am afraid of heights. Oh yeah, and when I was 18, I was on one in an amusement park in RI that is no longer there called Rocky Point. Anyway, they didn't lock us in the car properly and if we hadn't screamed like banshees that it wasn't locked as we headed up hill of the first giant slope, we would have fallen out and died. For the most part, after that experience, I have been turned off from roller coasters overall.

95. Who is your favourite friend? Ouch. Another tough question. I like all my friends for different reasons. I am gonna play it safe and say my husband. He's my best friend.

96. What is your favourite sport? Football -- GO PATRIOTS!!

97. Can you whistle? not well. and not to a tune.

98. Do you prefer blonde or brunette? Either. But my husband is a brunette, so I'll say Brunette. I did marry him after all!

99. Did you like this quiz? I've taken worse. Some of the questions were a little vague, but overall, not too painful of an experience.

100. How long has this quiz taken you? about 30 minutes.

And there you have it! ALL ABOUT ME!!

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