Monday, November 19, 2007


Sometimes the friends we make last a lifetime. For instance, Ness and I , even though there was a 6 year gap where we had lost contact, have remained friends, and even now are the best of friends. Some friends you make only last a little while. As a military wife I see this a lot. You make friends in a homeport, then 2-3 years later, one of you moves to another place, and though at first the emails and phone calls continue, eventually they putter out.

I've had good friendships, and not so good ones. I've been used, blow-off, insulted, hurt, annoyed, etc. by some and some I don't know how I ever lived without because their generosity, kindness, sense of humor and even cooking have helped me stay sane.

I've been the bad friend, the good friend, the confidant, and some of my friends have been this to me as well.

There are some people who I thought were friends, only to find out later that they were friends with me to gain something -- knowledge, power, preference, whatever....some simply need a person to bitch about everyone and everything, and I seem to be a good target for these people.

But you know what? Not once, ever, have I had a friend do to me what another one of my friends had happen to her recently. I refuse to name names on this one particular incident, but all I will say is....when spouses of friends fight, a friendship doesn't need to end. Don't be a coward and use that excuse if you want to end a friendship. Grow some balls and face the person you want to walk out on. Don't use a disguise, be's less hurtful that way.

I hope my friend knows, that though I cannot be there for her, I am thinking of her during this hard time. I have lost very good friendships due to my own mistakes, or theirs, but I cannot imagine having a long standing friendship go down in flames like this under such a false pretense. My heart aches for my friend, and I wish I COULD do something for her to make her feel better....

Friend...and I know you read this...... That person does NOT deserve your friendship, your heart (platonic of course), or anymore thought after this. You are a good person. You deserve more that what that person gave you, and they & their spouse should be ashamed of their behavior. You may not be religious, but they will be judged one day....and/or Karma is going to bite them in the not allow them to run to you for a band aid when it does!

Cheer up , have ME! ;) and I am there for you in spirit and email, whenever you need me!


Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Poor Kaity Bug

Kaitlyn and I have spent the last 2 days at L&M Hospital in New London. It all started on Sunday evening about 8pm when I noticed that the little "heat rash" on her backside she had developed had become not only more red and irritated, but was speading to both cheeks and down her thigh on one leg. I took her to the urgent care, suspecting they would give e some Benedryll, some ointment and send me on my merry way. What I wasn't expecting was the docotr to be baffled, get another dsoctor for a 2nd opinion and then decide my child had an infection and needed to be hospitalized.

By the time we got to the hospital it was 1 am.

I didn't leave the hospital until 10 am today. Kaity got 24 hours worth of antibiotics, and then some. She also has a prescription for the next 10 days and a tube of A&D ointment....for her excema...which I plan on finding out exactly what that means....

The upshot to all this was....Hubby was home to help me, support me, and be there for his little girl....that hasn't happened for a long time. It was the only high point of the whole stay in the hospital.

BTW, that hospital rocked. They ordered me meals no charge, and made sure I had anything I could need (except fresh clothes, although I did get jammies)

Hope you all are well, and I will try to write again soon....


Friday, November 02, 2007

Bad Cissa, No Pizza!

Yep, I am the worst blogger ever. I really have no good excuse. I mean, I work...but only about 25 hours a week. I have the kids, but I am always out doing things like shopping or....walking, or....working on getting stuff for Boat Wives Club....So you'd think I would have more time to blog to you all. And the funny thing is...I intend to do it, and as soon as I sit in front of this machine, my mind glazes over and I spend an hour trying to get my (fluff)friend all maxed out racing and earning munny on pet other (fluff)friends....

If you don't know what I am talking abut, that's probably a good thing.

Vacuums suck...except when they don't which brings me to today's activities....I had to clean the house today. For a number of reasons really...I was tired of the disgusting way the house looked, my mother is a lousy house cleaner, I had the Captain's Wife coming to my house tonight for a meeting and I didn't' want her to think I was a slob.... and I spent the better part of 6 hours getting my house to FEEL like it wasn't gross and grimy.....yeah so I was having issues with the vacuum...I took it apart, cleaned the rotating brush, dumped out the hose, cleaned the filters, EVERYTHING...and still, no sucking I gave up and headed to Wally World, in search of a vacuum...and I got it is.....

Dirt Devil Purpose for Pets Cyclonic Upright Vacuum

Ok seriously? Let me ask you people something: if you vacuum the same spot for 3 weeks, and it never seems to get clean, wouldn't you think MAYBE there MIGHT be something wrong with the vacuum? Just checking, because that's what my mother did. She vacuumed with the vacuum that did not suck up all the dirt and gross my house got grosser. I actually vacuumed my 5 X 7 rug only, with the new vacuum...and I swear to you on my daughter Mae's grave, I filled the doggone dirt cup to the brim; that's how dirty it was!!

yeah...this vacuum, today alone was worth every penny of the $80 I spent on it. Some people will argue that it wasn't enough. But the last vacuum I bought was only $50 so believe me, this was a step up!

So I have work tomorrow, and then I will come home and do some follow-up cleaning, and then I am going to watch movies and relax...because I am NOT WORKING ON SUNDAY!! This hasn't happened for a while. Sure, I took that trip to Florida a few weeks back, but seriously, I hadn't had a Sunday off in 6 weeks prior to that. And now, I will have one off. I am very excited. I can watch the Patriots beat the Colts in the comfort of my own home...preferably on my bed and the new sheets and quilt....but hell, I'll settle for just not working on Sunday if I can't see the game....

So my house is clean, I have only 5 hours of work until 2 days off in a row. But Monday doesn't count...because, c'mon, I still get up to get the kids ready and off to school...which reminds me....

Make sure your kids wash their hands a lot. because if they don't...they will get pink eye. I think Kaity might be getting it...the McDreamy Doctor at the Urgent Care clinic said it might not be....but her eye looked bad tonight, trust me...and a lot of it is from contact with someone else who has it in her I've been making her wash her hands more I urge you to do that.....

Oh yes, one last thing. before you turn your clock back tomorrow night (Yay! An extra hour of sleep on my day off!!) PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE change the batteries in your smoke detectors!

Have a great weekend!