Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Poor Kaity Bug

Kaitlyn and I have spent the last 2 days at L&M Hospital in New London. It all started on Sunday evening about 8pm when I noticed that the little "heat rash" on her backside she had developed had become not only more red and irritated, but was speading to both cheeks and down her thigh on one leg. I took her to the urgent care, suspecting they would give e some Benedryll, some ointment and send me on my merry way. What I wasn't expecting was the docotr to be baffled, get another dsoctor for a 2nd opinion and then decide my child had an infection and needed to be hospitalized.

By the time we got to the hospital it was 1 am.

I didn't leave the hospital until 10 am today. Kaity got 24 hours worth of antibiotics, and then some. She also has a prescription for the next 10 days and a tube of A&D ointment....for her excema...which I plan on finding out exactly what that means....

The upshot to all this was....Hubby was home to help me, support me, and be there for his little girl....that hasn't happened for a long time. It was the only high point of the whole stay in the hospital.

BTW, that hospital rocked. They ordered me meals no charge, and made sure I had anything I could need (except fresh clothes, although I did get jammies)

Hope you all are well, and I will try to write again soon....


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Bilingual Blah Girl said...

Cissa - long time no talk - I'm so sorry about that! And I didn't say happy birthday for your big 3-0! Double sorry! I thought of you but then forgot to send you a msg.

Scrolling down, I saw you mentioned me in you interview with jeopardygirl back in July. Thx! : )

Hope you're doing fine, my get well wishes to Kaity!

Oh, and I love the new look of your blog! Nice colours, very classy but cool as well.

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry for poor Kaity. So the diagnosis was excema? I have never heard of it being so bad that hopitalization was needed, wow. I hope you know you can still let me know if ya ever need anything. L&M does rock, I have learned that thanks to my many unfortunate stays there. I love the whole order what you want when you want and its free thing. And I have been known to take home those slipper socks too. LOL!

jeopardygirl said...

Hey there. Poor Kaity! I get eczema, too, it's a dermatological symptom of asthma and other related respiratory illnesses...definitely get it checked out. I notice mine is worst when air quality is bad. And hey, at least it's not Pink Eye.

Hope you are all well.

Anonymous said...

AH! That is so scary, glad it worked out!