Tuesday, December 05, 2006

White Dust

This morning I woke up as usual with the radio playing some soft rock song. I cannot wake to loud rock, as it nearly scares me into a shaking fit, so soft rock, at a decent volume is my preferennce. As I debated hitting the snooze button once more, the DJ came on in his faux pleasantly happy voice and announced to the listeners, who probably like me were debating rising and shining, that there was snow falling over much of Connecticut, some places with "squalls" of it. I groaned and hastily got up looking out my window to the backyard.

Yep, there were white flakes in the sky. It was falling, and hitting the ground. But it was barely sticking. I went to the kids' room and informed them of the weather. This is the second winter they have ever really experienced, and you'd think we didn't get nearly 3 feet last year. No, it was marvelous to them. Almost instantly I heard the dreaded question:

"Can we go outside and play in the snow???"

"No hon, it's barely a dusting. By the time you get on the bus it will be melted, I am sure."


The disappointment was hanging in the room like a heavy rancid odor. I instantly felt like the meanest mom on the planet, simply because the snow wasn't quite yet heavy enough to have produced snow for the kids to play in….Oh to be God for one day so I could give the kids a treat...

By the time Emily and I went out to wait for the bus, it had stopped snowing altogether. The light dusting was barely even that. It simply looked like the world had a light fog around it. The asphault was clearly visible through the white dust. I did make a half hearted attempt to make a few snowballs for Emily to throw at me. They caused some giggles. At least I redeemed myself, well partially anyway.

It's now nearly 9:30 am, and barely 2 hours since I woke. And the snow has already melted, and it seems as though the sun is trying it's damndest to make an appearance for the sake of parents everywhere who, like me, cannot stand snow past the "pretty phase". Kaity is upset because I told her she cannot go outside and play in the snow...I can never win it seems.

But alas it appears that the lovely weather we had been enjoying for the majority of the fall has truly dissipated. The forecast shows temperatures in the low 40's as highs all week, and I don't doubt that snow will again grace the hills and plains of Southeastern Connecticut and beyond. This is a sign of the world dying, for Persephone has been drug to the Underworld by Hades, and Demeter does not allow anything to grow whilst her beloved daughter is a prisoner below the earth...For me it is a melancholy time. The void of winter will drag for me, and being alone for it for a while makes it even tougher on my soul to bear.

I am hoping the joy of the holidays will lighten my mood, and perhaps even the anticipation of Hubby's return will keep my occupied long enough so that I do not suffer the winter doldrums too long.

Time will tell, I suppose, and so will the weather forecast...

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