Sunday, December 10, 2006

What an Idiot!

In the immortal words of Hermione Granger in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, "WHAT an idiot!"

You all may recall back in October when my "friend" Adam ditched me at the casino, when he was supposed to be looking out for me and making sure I got home safe. Well as time wore on, I found out that Adam had not been meeting friends and then heading back to New Haven as he claimed, he was picking up his girlfriend to stay the weekend in our area at his apartment . I met this girlfriend a couple weeks later, and we became fast good friends. We talked a bit and the "Casino Incident" as I have so dubbed it, came up. She told me the truth, and she also told me she had no idea Adam was supposed to be hanging out with me that night, and that the weekend had been planned for a while....She was confused as to why he would lie to me. So was I. I would have gladly told him to go be with his girl and found another friend to go to the casino with. He was my friend, and I wanted him to be happy.

Fast forward almost 2 months, and the girlfriend comes up here. She's going to be hanging out with me while Adam goes on a "guys night out" with a buddy from work. He's going to pick her up in the morning because she has to take an early train home to New Haven. She tries to call him when she finds out she doesn't have to be home early in the morning -- but he doesn't answer. He turns off his phone after that and we can't get a hold of him the rest of the night. We reason that maybe where he was (supposedly Hooters, then Dave & Buster's in Providence) there was no signal. But she's still irked, and with good reason. She calls again in the morning, and we think *MAYBE* he got too drunk and is passed out on his buddy's couch. We drive by there (it's a couple streets over) and Adam's truck is not there. We go home have breakfast. An uneasy feeling is among us, we know something is up.

After breakfast, we decide to drive to Adam's apartment. We can't imagine he'd head home and not pick her up, but whatever. She goes inside and knocks on the door. Finally he comes to the door in only boxers and does not want her to come in. She sees women's shoes on the floor. He tries to usher her outside so they can talk. She states that NO, she wants the girl who's in his room to hear her, so that the other woman can hear what a "SKANK" he is. He tries to say he just met the girl the night before and that he was drunk. She doesn't buy it. She proceeds to rip him a new backside exit and tells him it's over. She's MAD now. She tells me to drive to the buddy's house. She wants to confront the buddy as to why he would cover up for Adam. Not wanting to say no to her because I am upset for her, we go. She finds out that the buddy did not in fact go out with Adam, and that they never had plans. The wife of said buddy then offers to show my friend the receipt of the dinner they went to when Adam was supposedly out with the buddy. She politely declines, and is even angrier now, hurt, betrayed, among other things.

This guy did the same thing to me, essentially. It took me longer to put the puzzle pieces together, and I am just a friend, but essentially, we both got ditched for another woman for Adam to sleep with. Only in my friend's case, Adam was her boyfriend. He knew me and the girl we good friends. How he thought we wouldn't exchange information is stupid. That he though he could pull the same stunt twice and NOT get caught is unfathomable. To top it all off that he was CAUGHT RED HANDED is bloody HILARIOUS!! HE IS A EFFING IDIOT!!!

Adam is a MAJOR JERK, and honestly, I am better friends with his now-ex-girlfriend. Karma will get him someday, in the end , he will pay -- somehow-- for hurting her, and me, and every other person, friend or romantic interest, that he's pulled this on. I do not plan on keeping him as a close friend as he was in the past. It hurts, because I thought he was a good person and to find out that a person you thought was your friend would do this to ANYONE is a blow to the soul. I have a trusting nature that all people have some good in them. For Adam, his goodness is pre-meditated, so that he can take advantage of a person's trust, and is not genuine.

I feel bad for my friend. She is a good person and does not deserve this. Especially at Christmas. But honestly, we both thought something was up with Adam lately. He claimed it was the Holiday Doldrums, but it was really that he was cheating, lying, and hurting people.....He'll get his in the end.

3 flame(s) added to the fire:

Vanessa said...

oooohhhh.... what a scumbag!

Mr. Fabulous said...

He gives men a bad name...

Heather said...

Being the 'friend' mentioned here ((hey, Heather)), I'm thankful for true friends that know the meaning of being sincere.

Don't get me wrong, what he did and what happened hurt. But what doesn't kill you can only make you stronger and everything happens for a reason.

Cultivating good friends is a lot like gardening. Thank you Heather, for being one of the many beautiful flowers in my life.