Sunday, October 05, 2008

Are you ready for some football?

Today has been a SUCK-tacular day.

When I woke this morning it was cloudy and obvious it had been raining. I thought to myself, they will cancel the game for sure. Nope, not a chance! So Em and I went to the game. Now granted the rain had lessened to a drizzle, but it was pretty cold still. OK cold we can handle right?

We get to the field, and guess what? It starts RAINING....light at first...then harder...then harder...then of course, it's time for the game. About half the cheerleaders didn't show up in the first place. Those that did were by now soaking wet, shivering, and miserable. I made Emily wear her raincoat over her uniform. And she had a sweater underneath. I didn't care, I wasn't about to let my child get sick because the league made a bad decision to let the game go on.

After about 3 or 4 cheers we coaches decided to let the kids stand under their parent's umbrellas and had a little pow wow. Some of the parents came up and said they were taking their kid home. We couldn't stop them, and honestly, I would have done the same thing. Finally the head coach made up her mind -- we were going home. The poor boys kept on playing.

Today thoroughly frustrated me. The league did not want to cancel because they had already canceled 3 games this season. The problem is that 1 of the 3 they did cancel could have played because they canceled the night before, and the day of, it was gorgeous. Another game day canceled it had rained over night, but it was drying out nicely. What the league was thinking, I can't begin to imagine.

This league, from coaches to structure to parents and players is the most undisciplined, unorganized club I have ever been a part of. The head flag cheer coach and I have tried, unsuccessfully, to procure information, schedules, and rules, only to be denied or given ambivalent answers. We then are cornered by parents who want answers and we have none to give them. It make us look bad, and makes me feel like crap. I have decided next year NOT to be a coach for the flag cheer. I don't have the time or patience for the crap I deal with -- kids who won't practice, parents who don't bring their kids to practice or game on time, and an organization who can't get their shit together.

We have a cheer competition in less than 3 weeks. My age group is going to look like total crap and I will thoroughly be embarrassed to be there. We only JUST got our uniforms given out today because the head of cheerleading failed to order the uniforms on time, since she waited until SEPTEMBER to stop letting people join the league. How the league can do this to the coaches and the girls is beyond me. it's pathetic. And it makes me mad as hell.

I am not sure I will do much more than be a parent next year. Honestly, with my job now, I miss half of practices as it is. Plus, honestly, I'd rather not give myself the stress of trying to wade through the mess that is this league. I simply haven't the patience

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whall said...

That is hard to deal with when the weather affects so much with the kids. Hopefully they take it well enough.