Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Post-Hallows Update

I know I said 7 days, and I am keeping to it....I am sure some of you wondered about me, if I've had a stroke or something, over all the Harry Potter Hype of the last week or so.... no, no, I am fine.....but I do have a few things to explain without giving away any plot points or spoilers til Saturday...

- I was about 75th in line to get my book. That means I got it about 12:15 am....I was so happy...

- I started reading about 12:45 am, and read straight through until I apparently passed out, sometime after 7:30 am, so I am guessing about 7:35 LOL, by then, I had read about 2/3 of the book....a good 400 pages or so. Hubby says when he came home from duty, I was sprawled on our bed, lights still on, my arm draped over the book, and somehow I had managed to get a bookmark in there! HAHA

- At 11 am, I woke, and picked up where I left off, finishing the book about 2:30 pm....the math, as best as I can figure, is minus the naps, approximately 10 hours from start to finish

And now, my thoughts, minus spoilers...


I laughed, I cried, I flipped was an emotional journey from start to finish for so many's the last book, AND it was quite an adventure. There's a sense of closure, but it's bitter sweet. Some of the deaths.....were so painful to read character in particular, and only because that character's death affected Harry in a way that was unexpected.

It was a great great read, and I look forward to letting you all know my thoughts about plot points come Saturday.....

Hope You all enjoy reading and finish your copies soon!

~Cissa Fireheart

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Bella said...

Ahhhhhhhh .. Im not done!
I'll stop by AFTER I finish the book!