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An Interview by Jeopardygirl

So on Jeopardygirl's blog, she had some questions asked of her, and in turn, offered to ask some questions if people wanted to be interviewed. It's 5 questions, but I am going to be in-depth...

I'd like to add that if you liked reading my interview and would like to be asked 5 questions by ME, leave me a comment and let me know!

oh yes, and one more thing...I am candidly ...uhm, upfront about a couple things, so you might want to make sure the kids are out of the room if you don't want them to accidentally read a profane word or two....I am going to try and sound intellectual, but it probably won't come off like that HAHA...

1) You have been involved in community theatre in the past. What made you want to get involved, and what productions you have participated in have been your favourites?

Well You see, honestly, I met Hubby when I was still in college -- as a drama major. I was the drama queen of my first high-school, and even managed lead role in my graduating one. It's in my blood. I love it -- being on the stage. It's better than any drug, and is a close second to sex that ends in a mind blowing orgasm (there is a difference, you know LOL)....but being married and popping out babies didn't exactly leave a whole lot of room for completing my degree. I missed it so much, so when I see that the local theatre companies are having open call, I go. Sometimes I get cast. Sometimes not, but maybe once every 2 years I will do a production. It's been that long, just about, since my last...and I miss it terribly....

My favorite production? Hands down, Smoke on the Mountain in Panama City. It was a musical, and I love to sing. Plus the character I played was using "sign language"...well she certainly tried, anyway. It was zany and funny, and I LOVED the fact that it was an ensemble piece. Everyone got either a little monologue and a song, or a BIG was pretty nice. And the cast? Good Lord, they were the nicest people on earth! And fun, and hilarious, and the talent some of these men and women had -- wow, I left like I had never set foot on stage before sometimes after watching a rehearsed act I wasn't "active" in. Plus, and this is NOT why I do theatre, I got PAID....and not like $ was an actual percentage of ticket sales, maybe like 1%, but it was almost $300 for like, maybe 9 was awesome. The best experience ever, all around. Professional theatre. Damn, there are days when I think about it now, and I almost regret having met Hubby....I'll never be where I wanted to be 10 years ago....but I have accepted it, and still try to have a little theatre in my life once in a while.

2) What do you miss the most about the Baleheads?

Maybe first I should say that Baleheads are fans of Christian Bale. Ok, that being said, what I miss most is the Chats...Harrison Cheung, who was at the time CB's publicist, used to run them, and at the beginning he asked pertinent questions about the characters of movies CB was in. Plus he would always update us on a few personal tidbits...Plus, I KNOW, Christian came into those chats a few times...once as himself, and a few other times, under names of Characters from his movies. You could always tell he was there, cause he didn't say much, but when he did, he would go into the how's and why's....As an actress myself, there is no way a man would go that deep into a character analysis without actually having to think about it for a reason. And the fact that it was always the same style, no matter the name, gave it away...

Not to mention that we met some great people through the Baleheads Chats. I really miss some of those people...Kristi, Elph, Roq, Sonja, just to name a few...great gals, and I think of them fondly....

3) Would you rather go shopping for clothes or make-up?

Clothes. And that is because, make-up is a no brainer. I love Mary Kay make-up. I found my brand, my colors, etc. I hate trying to find new colors...except for lipstick. Yeah that's the only make-up I like to buy....but clothes? It's fun to find new stuff, try it on, hopefully it will look good on you, and then YAY -- NEW OUTFIT! Plus, I love when I have an occasion I have to dress for. It gives me an excuse to shop for new clothes. Plus when new fashions come out, if I like it enough, I do try to find a few things that are trendy. Makes me feel cooler than a almost-30 mom with 2 kids and a minivan. Yes, clothes - hands down. I say that phrase a lot don't I?

4) What was your first car, and did you name it? If so, what was the name?

My first car was a 1979 Chevrolet Malibu station wagon. It was Maroon with a yellowy-tan interior, bench seats, and I loved that damn car. I could fit 12 people in it, I swear. it was massive, and perhaps that's part of the reason why some asshole slammed into it when I was trying to come out of my driveway 3 days before I left for college. The front end was about the size of a full-size bed, honestly....I had to edge it out past these bushes that blocked my view to see if anyone was coming. well, one day, someone was, and he seemed to miss the HUGE maroon hood protruding from them.

Yes I named her. Her name was FREEDOM. And that's exactly what she was, My Freedom from my Father's house. I was 17, stuck on an island that, short of athletics - which I did participate in, had NOTHING for a teenager to do...except drive around with my friends and go to parties....and anything else I could find to do to rid myself of the constant boredom that we endured.
5) You're going to NYC soon. What are the sights and/or activities (besides the theatre) you are most looking forward to experiencing?

Well, the first thing I can't wait to do is actually SEE the theater - The Nederlander. I am also looking forward to the free film in Bryant Park that HBO presents every monday night. It's "All the King's Men". I read some info about the movie, to get an idea of what it's about, and it looks good. Post-WWII filmmakers, and this is pre-McCarthyism, did a lot of political based films that didn't feel like it at the time. They weren't like the political films today - in your face about what's wrong with america and who's to blame, etc., really, they were more subtle. It's funny, but after reading a synopsis of the film, it's clear to seee the message of the film I am going to see still holds true today. Isn't that scary? Now, don't get me wrong, I am not gonna get into politics in particular, but the general theme of corruption of politicians is something that never goes away. And the great thing abotu this film is you get to see the eveolution of how it happens, how this man turns into the exact type of person he first wanted to conquer when he first ran for office. I am looking forward to it. Plus, picnic in the middle of NYC at sunset? that's frickin' cool.

Another thing I am goign to attempt to do, is go to the Today Show. Growing up at my Father's, spending summer there, every morning while we had breakfast, and I still do this at his house when I go to the Vineyard, we watched the Today Show. I always wanted to be one of those people. And my sister, man, she LOVES Al Roker. I don't get why, but she's convinced she's going to cry if she gets to shake his hand. C'mon! How fun is that gonna be?? All around my sister and I are going to try to have as much FREE fun as humanly possible in a span of 3 1/2 days. Part of the fun of this trip is the finding of the free or low cost things to do around town. I never new about Bryant Park's free movies. It's like a secret that only New Yorkers know about...well, and those of you who read this now know.

ok, ok, last thing, I promise....I am looking forward to going to central park. whether it's walking around, or reading under a tree or something....just hanging out there is going to be nice. I don't get to read, or relax really, outside without kids much. I even might just go to Greeley Square and sit at a bistro table and read while I drink an iced coffee. It's going to be nice.....

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jeopardygirl said...

Did I ever tell you that my grandfather's mother's family owned a part of Central Park way back in the early 1800s? Yep. Their name was Waldron. If you find any plaques or whatever, let me know.

Bella said...

Have FUN in NY, that is somewhere I really want to go!!

I'll take 5 questions if you wish .. :0)

Nessa said...

I'll take some qusetions, please!

Tink said...

Sorry I couldn't go with you and I'm sure you had a blast there! Good for you sweetie!


P.S... Questions please.