Thursday, April 19, 2007

Not So Loud!

Life in the Fireheart house has gotten pretty quiet in the last 24 hours, for a number of reasons...Emily got her ear tubes surgery and the effect was immediate. I was able to whisper lightly and she could hear me from a few feet away.....I don't have to yell out her name anymore...and the volume on the TV's and computer have been lowered....I love it!

Today Emily got a new bike. I want to show you all, but getting it, and then a helmet, then getting it all set up for Em to ride has tired me. I am upstairs in the office and here I will's so quiet in the house because for the first time in nearly a week, the weather is GORGEOUS!! That Nor'Easter that was all over the news this weekend past is over, thank God, and today brought sunny skies and warm feels like spring!

My computer is strating to die...I lost all my saved emails last night and had to reset-up my email accounts....that was right after my computer completely froze while playing EverQuest 2....I cried...but I am ready for a new one...this is loud with all the fans....I think I am going deaf now!

I will be glad for tomorrow. Hubby gets his stitches from surgery out! He'll start to slowly walk again! YAY! And then he goes back to light duty at work on Monday...and Emily's school vacation is over on Monday too!!

FINALLY!! I will be able to have some PEACE and ORDER in this house! IS IT MONDAY YET?!?!

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