Friday, March 23, 2007

Holy Carp! What a week!!

Yes, I said in the's a little joke with Me and JeopardyGirl, and even to this day, probably about a year after we made a joke about a typo, it's still holding strong in my mind....

It's been a CRAZY week or so since My last post....Mentally and physically exhausting in some parts....

Emily and I went to RI to visit Nessa...we had dinner at the usual spot...My favorite Chinese Restaurant...the next day, Emmy had her appointment at RI Hospital, and the doctor at first was talking about taking out her adenoids!! I was a little worried, but then after consulting another doctor, He came back and said we'd do the tubes first....and pray that was all we need to Emily has surgery next month for those. I'm told it will be a short procedure, btu this is my first baby. I easily freak out when I am faced with anything pertaining to goes back to when she was a baby and was in the hospital for 4 days after Christmas, Hubby was on deployment, and I had a nervous breakdown....but anyway....Thank God Huuby agreed to be the one to go in the OR with her....I'd be a wreck if He wasn't going tobe there....

So we got home from RI, in the middle of a snow storm....driving was slow, as the roads were slick, and visibility was gradually decreasing by the minute. I HAD to get home, because I had a party to do that night first sex toy party, and I still had prep to do! I got it all done, and spoke with the hostess, to make sure that she still wanted to do it. She assured me that her guests were all still coming, and she did not want to cancel....I should have insisted She reschedule, because a grand total of 4 people showed, and I barely made $250 in sales....I came home to Hubby, disappointed and dismayed. The customers at the party were not overly enthusiastic, nor were they in the mood to spend money, apparently....Even my branch Manager, Chelle, told me not to get too next party would be better.....

So Tuesday, I had a party for another friend, Ang...when I talked to her on Monday, she told me she was expecting about 25-30 people...I was like no way.....I'll be damned, she wasn't lying!! there were a total of 24 people who showed up!! My sales? Over $700!!!


I was so bloody happy, I was on an adrenaline rush for the next day and a half!! It was a fun party, but BOY, was it LOUD!! I can't complain too much though....The women who showed up were funny, enthusiastic, and eager...perfect customers, and I tried to match them, making sure everyone had a good time...I really think they did too.....

So now I am getting ready for Hubby's foot surgery NEXT Thursday. Keep your fingers and toes crossed for Him....It's minimally invasive, but of course, He's the Love of My Life.....naturally I will be a little worried!

Well I must go. Time to call corporate and discuss an issue with an order that was placed. Ruddy much as I love it, it is sometimes a pain in the ass!!

Hope Y'all have a great weekend!!

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Anonymous said...


I like your blog! Holy Carp! That was cute.

Would you consider adding links to my blogs? I have two that are 'mom resources'. One's just a fun whatever I want to talk about blog and the other is a recipe blog. I try to stick to recipes that take 30 minutes or less.

Check them out.

Thanks for your time. If you think our blogs are compatible I'll definitely be adding a link to you as well.