Monday, November 27, 2006

Exciting News!

Helloooooo Everyone! I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving and are gearing up for the Holiday Season with as much ferver as possible. While at my parents, the kids put up the tree and some selected Christmas decor around the house. When we arrived home on Sunday afternoon, we headed straight out to get decor for our house. Most of my outdoor decor got water logged back in the spring when I lived in my old house next to Mimi. Completely we got a few things for now and I will get more Friday on payday....

But the BEST thing about my trip? Checking my voicemail and hearing a message from the school principal that EMILY HAS A SPACE IN ALL DAY KINDERGARTEN!!!

I called this morning first thing to make sure she still had the slot. She does, and she will start TODAY!! Thats right, from now until 3:30 PM it's just me and Kaity!!!!

I am so doggone excited. We have all wanted her to be in all day since the summer. I thought for a while that it wasn't going to happen, but I guess praying for miracles does work afterall!!

Well, I am off. I have to unpack my suitcases, wake Kaity and get some stuff done around that I have all day to do it, I am not sure where to start!!


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Mimi said...


Dr.John said...

Of course praying always works.

Anonymous said...

yay for all day kindergarten!

I nanny for two little girls, and when the youngest got into all day kindergarten last year, i thought the mom was going to throw a party :)

Anonymous said...

You've been tagged! come read my blog to see. ;)