Thursday, September 28, 2006

If The Navy Released Them......

So can I!! Because I am a PROUD SUBMARINER'S WIFE!! Pictures of Hubby's boat overseas at a recent port! Not saying when and where, but they are great pictures!

Monday, September 25, 2006

Unpacking Stinks!!

As you all know, a few weeks back, I relocated from my house to another house that was bigger, a mere 1/4 mile from Mimi. Now I have been slowly begun the unpacking. I want to do it right and make sure everything is organized -- A place for everything and everything in its place. This is all well and good in theory, but the truth of the matter is that it is a time consuming process. And as such, with a 3 and 5 year old who are difficult to convince that fresh air and our semi-fenced in backyard is a great way to spend some time without me watching them all afternoon, little gets done around here.

Take the office for example. I did indeed get 3 boxes unpacked. However, it's all over the floor in the office, because I want it to be organized. And in order for that it had to be all out of the box. And now that it is, it's a mess, and I only have another 2 hours before I get to get Emily off the bus....*sigh* and here' comes Kaitlyn, wanting something else from me......Ok I'm back..

And then there is laundry. I know I have mentioned my hated of folding laundry, how I let it pile up....I am still doing it...It's all over the laundry room and all over my bedroom. I also need to switch out the clothes Emily has outgrown to the "save for Kaitlyn" box, and transfer all the summer clothes and baby clothes for Charity that Kaity has outgrown. It take a long time to do all this when you don't have the chance to focus.....I know I should call friends to ask to babysit, but I did that so much already, I feel like I am being unfair and becoming a nuisance to them....

And so, I procrastinate some more and write a blog entry! LOL

ok, now that I've vented about how much this sucks, I am going to do something -- Clean and organize the office!!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006


My youngest daughter, Kaitlyn, turns 3 years old today! I can't believe she's such a big girl! Her party was on Sunday afternoon, and we all had a great time. She had fun, and even got a Buzz Lightyear cake - yes, I play into her Toy Story obsession....she got a Woody card today and went ballistic with joy. So I know I made the right choice!

Happy Birthday to my Baby Girl!!

Monday, September 18, 2006

Happy Surprises Are the Best....

Have you ever gotten a small wish come true, and not expected it to actually happen? Well, it happened for me today, and although I cannot elaborate, I will say that it was eerily perfect timing for me and my friends.

Thank You, Lord, for hearing my prayer....

Thursday, September 14, 2006

And Now, I Rest...Sort of....

Well it's over. The transition is complete. I worked myself so hard the last 2 weeks, and I am officially checked out of the old house. I hope Mimi will get nice new neighbors.

Now the unpacking and organizing can begin...Slowly but surely. But First? This weekend I am throwing Kaitlyn her 3rd birthday party. She turns 3 on Tuesday, but who has a party on a Tuesday? Not me, especially with school started. But Sunday Afternoon? That I can do...

By this weekend I hope to have all of the kitchen and living room finished unpacked and maybe even put up some artwork. It's ambitious, seeing as it is Thursday already, but hey, there isn't much left really downstairs -- excluding the garage of course....Which is brimming over with stuff that will be unpacked eventually...hehe....

So I am back...My presence on the web will be more well represented. Thanks for understanding and stuff. I hate moving. I seriously hope this is the last time I do this for a long time!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

School Days Are (Almost) Here Again!

In 2 days time, Emily, my oldest, starts Kindergarten! However, with the move this weekend, I have had little-to-no time to do school shopping. Sure, I've picked her up a backpack and a "first day" outfit. But I still have things to get her, and with time running out before Thursday, I need to get my backside in gear.

I had planned to go today with Emily after her trip to the dentist for 2 cavity fillings, however, my mother who usually is here by this time, decided that she is coming over later today, since she is staying the night. This is so that I can go to the movies on base and relax for a couple hours with friends. Her not coming earlier sucks for two reasons:

1. I have to take Kaity to the dentist, which I did not want to do because she will distract me form keeping Emily calm, and...
2. I have to take Kaity shopping afterwards, which will totally suck because it will be distracting to have to watch her when I am trying to bargain shop and find Em's size for things.

The real problem with Mom coming later is I didn't find this out until about an hour ago, when I was calling to find out what time she wanted me to pick her up. This of course, has put a crink in my plans...Sure I can go tomorrow, but I hate having to cut it so close...Not to mention I already have cleaning the old house on the agenda for tomorrow morning...Yet again, my schedule will have to be changed. I hate that!

Well I should go. I am gonna get the kids lunch, get Em to brush her teeth, and head to the dentist...After I beat them for driving me insane while trying to get ONE blog entry in 3 days!

....And even more fun times? Blogger is being a pain in the ass, and not loading pictures for some bloody stupid reason...Will my torment never end???

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Tired, But Awake....

Have you ever exhausted yourself to the point where 5 hours of sleep gets you pumped up for the rest of the day? That's me right now. Since Thursday, I feel like I have lived a lifetime and a half. 85% of the house is transferred to the new one, and the unpacking has begun. But this is going to be a slow unpacking, because I am taking my time, I am organizing and I finally have the room to get my house in a clean, orderly, unluttered fashion. It's kind of scary.

Kaity woke at 5 am wanting juice. after I got it for her, I tossed and turned for about a half hour, then gave up and just got up. I am so ready to start my day. I do belive I am going to start with an inaugaral shower in my new house...after 3 days of moving stuff and finally having some stuff done, I think I deserve it! But I wanted to check in and say -- YAY!! I AM MOVED (pretty much)!!

I hope everyone has a great Labor Day! I'll check back in later in the week!