Thursday, September 01, 2005

Birthdays and Weather

Yesterday was my birthday. While the day didn't start out well, it ended on a positive note. I talked to my sister for nearly an hour. I got a check from my dad and step-mom, which was great for my evening's activities. I even won a bit of money when I went to the casino with 2 friends. And I got to talk to my husband late last night after I arrived home. It was overall a good day....

Like so many people, Hurricane Katrina has completely blown me away with the damage to the South. I cannot fathom the streets of New Orleans are now practically part of the Mississippi River! Having just been near New Orleans, and spent some time in Biloxi, I am flabergasted at the fact that much of those two places either is GONE, or under water.

I belong to a message forum. Someone there brought up a very good point today. It's been 3 or 4 days since the hurricane, and not one foreign country has offered aid to the U.S. -- yet when the Tsunami hit last year, the USA lead the donation pool. Why is it, that no one has offered help or condolences to us yet? Makes me angry to be honest. Just because we are the richest overall country does not mean this was any less devastating to us than the Tsunami last year, or earthquakes, etc.

I am having definite second thoughts on sending any donations to foriegn aid the next time something happens. Why help countries who won't aid us in return?

If any of my friends read this, I ask you to please keep the states of Lousiana, Missippi and Alabama in your thoughts and prayers. So many families, homes, and businesses have been destroyed by Hurricane Katrina. Please pray that they can make it through this unfathomably devastating time.

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jeopardygirl said...

Hey, Heather,

Canada has already offered to help, as we always do. We have Search and Rescue teams in Vancouver, B.C. that are fully trained and ready to go. We have bottled water drives and blood banking going on all over the place. The problem is, the U.S. federal government hasn't exactly said anything to our offers, and the governors of Louisiana and Alabama have been too busy to respond. I suppose we could just charge down with our cases of water, blood and helicopters, but it's not our way to to step in if we're not wanted.