Wednesday, August 24, 2005

How Much?!?!

Well I have just about had a heart attack this morning. I needed to buy gas for my car. Now, I don't own an SUV. In fact, I own a pretty fuel efficient sedan. I can get 24 MPG city/30 MPG hwy. My tank is a little voer 17 gallons. On average, I have to travel 350-400 miles before I need to fill up.

I have to take a trip to RI this weekend. I figured I would fill up early, avoid the wekend rush. Plus, I was nearly on empty. Now, most of the time, I can put about $25.00 in my car and get almost a full tank, but not today...oh no... I paid over $37.00 for 14 gallons of gas!!! $2.59 a gallon I paid...I almost cried when I saw that. Now, my husband drives and SUV. My god, I am guessing it will take at least $50 to fill his truck. I think I am going to have a heart attack now.

I checked a bunch of websites, and the AVERAGE price for gas in the US, as of 8/22 - that's yesterday - is...get ready for it....$2.61 a gallon!!!!

That is $.88 cents more than it was in JANUARY! INSANE!!! Why isn't the Government doing something about this? They are letting gas go insanely high! What can you do? What can I do? Well I dunno about anyone else, but I sure hope they come out with some more hybrid model cars...preferrably in sedan/minivan size. Because I can't afford much more of this!

So I am going to look up what the gov't is doing about it. I'll keep you posted. If you have any ideas why, or what we can do to make it lower, lemme know....


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