Thursday, August 25, 2005

Butterflies and Tears

Today my oldest daughter goes to Pre-K. Since she went to Pre-School last year, when we lived in FL, you'd think that I would be ok with this. I am. I just feel queasy about the whole thing.

My daughter and I went to the "First Day of School Celebration" that the school had, and it was nice. I got to see her class, talk to her teacher for about 20 minutes, and met another parent. My daughter volunteered to go to bed an hour before usual last night because she is so excited.

My worry is...well that's just it. I'm not worried, I'm nervous. And sad. And happy. She's going to a real elementarty school. The school she will go to for the next, oh 5 years I think, depending on how long we stay stationed here. I still have vivid memories of her being a little baby learning how to roll over! She's grown into quite the little lady. I am so proud. And yet, her eagerness makes me sad at the same time because in no time, she'll be leaving for college it seems.

I never really thought something like this would affect me so much. I mean, it's just my daughter going to school. Not even a full-day class! So what's my problem? I've talked to other mom's, including my own, and it seems this is natural. Mother's are supposed to feel this way when their kids start school. Anxious for their well being, hopeful they will make friends. Happy because they child is growing up, sad because there is no denying your child isn't a baby anymore. As natural as this all is, it doesn't mean I have to like it!

Well, I must go. My daughter is begging for breakfast and to get dressed. The day is going to happen, so I might as well face it!

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