Monday, October 01, 2007

Taking a Little Trip

So Myself, Ang, and Nicky (two fellow Navy Wives), are taking a trip to Florida this week. We're going to see my In-laws right outside of Orlando, and there will be no children. I'm burnt out and ready for a change of scenery, and Ang found me an awesome deal I could not pass up.....I am very very excited.

So Thursday morning , like 3 am, Ang and I leave for TF Green. . Nicky will be meeting us on Friday Morning. We all plan to take a drive to see Nicky's in-laws that morning in Cocoa Beach, and maybe work on our waning tans. I will make sure to take pictures of the beautiful Florida.....rain....

Yeah, it's supposed to rain. I am rather pissed about it, but oh'll still be kids....sleep whenever I want, maybe I'll even go to Disney World one day for the hell of it...or a mall that's bigger than a postage stamp...yeah, that'll be nice....

So I hope you all have a lovely Columbus Day Weekend. I definitely will!


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Anonymous said...

woohoo congratulations!!!! This is definitely well-deserved. Have a great time, my dear!