Thursday, June 07, 2007

For Jeopardygirl

So Jeopardygirl tagged me for this....and I feel obliged to do it.....I am having an emotional day, so this is a good way to channel it, I think....

1. Go to
2. Pick the year you turned 18
3. Get yourself nostalgic over the songs of the year
4. Write something about how the songs affected you
5. Pass it on to 5 more friends

Well the year I turned 18, was 1995. A big year, actually. in 1995 I graduated High School, I started college. I fell in love, not for the first time, but it did happen....

Many of the songs here I can remember being in a particular place and dancing, or singing to them. Some examples?

Alright, #2 for 1995 was "One Sweet Day" by Mariah Carey and Boys II Men....C'mon, everyone knows that song! And if you went to high school in the mid 90's, chances are you went to at LEAST ONE school dance or function where this was played. I know it was played at My I get to thinking about Prom, and the fun, the friendships, and I am beginning to feel an aching to go home and see the familiar places....this is not the place I want to be at emotionally right now....I'm already upset about I will pick another song....

Ohh "Gansta's Paradise" by Coolio...not that is a kick ass song. It had a powerful message. And it was teamed up with a Movie.....a really good movie with Michelle Pfiffer. I remember the video and she was in it, sitting in a chair while Coolio rapped to and around her. Powerful. He's a good artist. And even though he doesn't sing a whole lot, he does have a good voice. I remember being moved by this song, and the movie, it made me realize how sheltered I really was in my upbringing. Not necessarily a bad or good thing, but I was open to more things after this song.

Looking down the list some more, I see a song that brings back such powerful memories, I am laughing and tears spring to my eyes. "One Hand In My Pocket" by Alanis Morrisette. It was a fun little song. but I remember quite clearly an incident with this song....My friends and I were driving to Daytona Beach to go clubbing (I went to college in St. Augustine, a mere 1 - 1 1/2 hours away), and there was an accident or something on I-95. Traffic was at a standstill for like an hour at least. this song came on, and my friend Drew started lip syncing. there is a line "I've got one hand in my pocket, and the other is giving a peace sign" well, he acted it out, so flamboyantly, like He was a vaudville actor or something. His facial expression, his movements wer so comical, My friends and I who were with him, were litterally rolling on I-95 laughing so hard, that we were crying. It was a small moment, but it stands out.

And so I will end this Meme on a happy note...there were a ton of other songs I could have written about, but at this moment, I won't...maybe another day.....

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Jay Noel said...

I remember those songs too... I had just graduated college.

Unknown said...

I remember the 'One Hand in My Pocket' song! Even remember the video so vividly!

Thanks for posting this.. I'm going to have to do it soon too! I need to spend more time here! Hope you and yours are doing well!