Monday, May 28, 2007

Out of Nowhere...

Summer is here!!

We've been spending a lot of time outdoors in the Fireheart House. Emmy goes off with friends as soon as she's off the bus or as soon as 9 am rolls around on the weekends. Kaity is in and out of the backyard all day. The heat barreled down on us this past week, and we had to install the A/C in our bedroom....

Hubby was supposed to go to sea, but his foot is not healing as well as the Doctor would like. So, he's still home...which is a blessing and a curse.....He'll get to go with Me and the kids to the Vineyard for my little brother's graduation.....I will need all the help I can get!

Other than that, life is pretty dull here in Connecticut. I am glad summer is here. The beach, the fun, the carefree feeling....It's something I have always treasured. And I am looking forward to Hubby being here for most of it. We will take romantic walks on the beach on the Vineyard, go watch a sunset and walk some trails, I hope, if his foot is up to it....I am looking forward to it. We haven't had a whole lot of romantic moments over the will be nice to have his time while the kids are spending time with My Dad and Step-mom...


Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Broadway for My Birthday!!

So this year, August 31st to be exact, I turn the BIG 3-0.....It's a big milestone, considering when I was a teenager I thought I would never SEE this age.....I still feel like that teenager sometimes...especially today....

I found out a few weeks ago via MySpace that 2 of the original Broadway Cast members of RENT were going to be performing for a limited time in the show this summer. I was so excited. I wanted to go. I HAD TO GO.....I MUST GO!!!


My sister, Shell, and I are going to NYC for 3 days at the end of July/Beginning of August. While it is not technically My birthday then, it is close enough for me! I will spend 3 nights in The Big Apple....longer than I have ever gone to The City, and be children-free!!

My sister and I already have started planning what we'll do.....Today Show...Stalk the Nederlander Theater for Anthony Rapp and Adam Pascal's autograph...SEE RENT!! That's just the 2nd night

I am so excited, I can't believe it is happening....I am at a loss for words to describe my excitement....

Please don't let me wake up from this dream!

Monday, May 14, 2007

Getting On With Life

The Funeral was May 3rd. It was very nice. It was short, and more people than I had any idea Dad knew came. Even some of Mom's friends from The Casino came to pay their respects to Dad and comfort Mom. I was happy to see that people cared for Mom and Dad. The Pastor who spoke at Dad's Viewing was a family friend, and had grown up just down the street from Dad. He was very sincere in his words, and I think Dad would have appreciated his brevity.

Mom stayed with us til the following Monday. She felt she was ready to be alone in the apartment her and dad have shared for nearly 8 years....I half expected her to call me and tell me she couldn't do it yet. But she did. She is a trooper. We talk at least once a day just to check in....I think she is going to be OK.

Tomorrow Dad's ashes will be buried. We've had a small amount saved for a keepsake necklace we got Mom. She will always have a little bit of him with her always.

Well, life for me has kept going. The kids are out and playing almost every available moment of daylight. Hubby is still home, working on charts, but will most likely go back to work after his appointment with the Doc next week. He's been walking a little bit on his feet, both of them, and I think with the right supportive sneakers (I am pulling for him to ask the doc that he be able to wear sneakers at work for at least 30 days), he will be fully recovered by July 4th.

Funny thing happened this past week. My Mother's Day Gift this year was a new computer case. Hubby is going to be rebuilding me a computer (quieter, faster, and upgraded sound and video) but we thought that it would be nice to put my old stuff in the new case to make things a little more quiet around here (the other case had like 6 fans and was louder than anything!) Well it all went well until we went to boot up......after about 3 hours of working on it, Hubby decided that one of my hard drives had somehow corrupted, and I lost everything. I was calm, composed, and surprisingly, having an OK outlook on it. a couple hours later he decided that I would be able to retrieve all my pictures and files for work....things were looking was re-installed, my files were saved, and this weekend was mostly spent trying to re-download and install all my programs. wow. talk about a long process.....but I am more or less back to it. I have a few more files I need to install (Microsoft office, for instance), and i will be all set.

I am looking forward to the summer. Emmy will be going to camp all day, Hubby will be home for mostof it, and next school year it looks like Kaity will be in Pre-K. I am almost shaking with the anticipation that my house will be child free for at least 3 hours a day! Combine that with Hubby going back to sea sometime, and holy cow, I may actually be able to achieve A CLEAN HOUSE on a regular basis!!

Not that I don't love Hubby and him being home for 2 months HASN'T been a nice time...but it has seriously screwed with my schedule. I am sure I have mentioned this before, but when he is home, I feel compelled to spend time with him and neglect my Housewife Duties. Then the house looks like crap....then Hubby complains....but then he gets the "do something with me" look in his eyes while I am cleaning and we are back to square 1! When Hubby is back to work or Sea, I have a set schedule of how my day goes....and by now, I am doing the chores I have tasked myself with for the day....or at least reminded myself that I want to finish them by doesn't take a long time to clean 1 or 2 rooms in the house....but with Hubby around....I can't always do it...especially when he is still today.....

So that's a brief (or not so brief) update of how things around here are going.....I hope you all are doing well! Thank you for the emails and comments. I have appreciated them very much.