Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Updates Abound

Well Saturday was the Renaissance Faire. It was fun! But I think next year I am going to buy season tickets so that one day Hubby and I can go with the kids and another day we can go by ourselves. It was hard to see all the shows and goings on, not to mention the fact that the kids required a lot of attention and wanted to do things as well. But overall, a very nice time. I did end up getting a cloak to go over my ensemble, as it was a bit chilly in the morning and towards the end, and even with long johns under my skirt, my topside was a bit exposed and cold! hehe. The kids had tea with Queen Morgan, Sister of Arthur, and sat with ladies in waiting to the Queen. They even got to see a special visitor -- the Dame Knight who represented Queen Morgan on the Jousting Fields brought her horse for all the Ladies, Dames and Princesses of the Tea Party to meet!! They had SUCH a great time! They were knighted by King Arthur himself too! I can't wait for next year!

I had a good time too. One of my favorites was the human chess match. It was very cool. And one of the Kings Noblemen hit on me!! oh yes and Merlin got me to dance with the Royal Party. It was such a good time! Man, I really wish Hubby could have gone with us. I am getting him an outfit for next year....I want to do it again!!!

In other news, Emily is starting to READ!! YES READ!! She did some coloring the other day, and made a "book" called "I wish I had an apartment". And no kidding, she actually wrote I WSH I HD APTMNT . I could actually see that she was writing this! so I got one of the beginner books out for her and she read the whole thing...well I did help her out with sounding some of the words, but she really was reading the words! I was so proud of her. I couldn't believe it. She is so doggone smart!

Today I spent a lot of my day putting up pictures on the wall. I've been in this house almost 6 weeks, it was time to start personalizing the place. I have a lot of cleaning to do because I am having guests over on Saturday evening. I've got my list and have been ferverently getting things done. I also went shopping with my friend ZBabygirl, who will be known forevermore as ZB. We were looking for used or inexpensive kitchen chairs, as my kitchen set is starting to fall apart, and 2 of the chairs have already broken. I suppose that's what 5 moves in 4 years will do to them, eh? No luck in finding anything I could use that would closely match what I have...but maybe later in the week I will have some luck...

I am off to bed. More cleaning and decorating to be had tomorrow. Hope you all are having a wonderful week!

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