Friday, July 28, 2006

Ahhh, technology...

This doesn't seem to be my week with it, apparently.....MySpace is having issues, and I thought it was just Big Brother...hehe...

I'm allowed to make mistakes, damn it!

F*#@d Up!!

My MySpace account got deleted without warning. and I am not the only military wife I know who's did.

Apprently My 1st Amendement rights are hereby terminated when I married my husband.

Would have been nice to at least get an explination or warning, though.

Oh yeah, today DEFINITELY IS SUCKING!!!!


Attention, Attention--


That is all.....

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Technology at it's Finest...and too much crap

Ever have one of those days where it seems like nothing will go right? It seems at though that was yesterday for me....too long to explain, let's just say....I hate technology, stupid people, and myspace right now....

But I am back online (I knew turning the computer off and letting it think about what a bad boy it was would shape the little punk up), and ready for more fluffy goodness. Oh lovely, my anti-virus just informed me there was a virus on my computer...sigh

But anyway....all that time offline yetsrday and having a meltdown for other reasons, caused me to get a lot of cleaning done on the main floor. And I realized that I truly have entirely TOO MANY CLOTHES. And so do my children. The funny thing? I never notice exactly how much I actually go through clothes-wise, until I have to wash and fold it all. I can hear you all now "Why not fold the laundry when it's finished, Cissa?" Well dear friends, because I simply HATE laundry. I hate folding it and putting it away. Plus, to be completely honest, usually I do my wash on the go. I load the washer and then go do something hahaha, it only gets done when the mountain is so high, I am out of places to move in the bedroom. And with all the stuff I got going this week, the mountain is being built once again.

I'll have some time this weekend to fold, so I plan on doing it then...until the next catastrophe occurs that is LOL.

On another note, you may recall me posting about Blaze and Magazine Man's recent adventures...well Blaze, Himself, has left a lovely note of thanks to me and some fellow bloggers who donated to the ASPCA in his honour. A link to here was even made, and I welcome all of you who came here from there to the Fire! It was a hearfelt thank you, and all I can say was a privalege....Thank YOU Blaze for letting MM write about it!

I am still looking for volunteers for the week of Aug 23-29th to guest far I have one volunteer.....

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Small Explination

Some of you may have noticed missing posts. I had to take some down for security purposes.

Thank you for your understanding. That is all.

~Cissa Fireheart

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Blog Birthday Plans

While reading Fuzzbox's blog this morning, it occured to me that my Blog Birthday is comming up next month. I looked up the archives and discovered that on August 24th it will be one year since I came onto the blog scene...and actually stuck around for it! So, I have begun to think about my plans for that day....then I realized....I am going to be at Nessa's doing Wedding Prep for the 26th!! So, I have decided to extend an invitation to some of my blog buddies for the week of August 23rd - 29th for guest blogging!

If you are interested in helping a Matron of Honor out, then please leave a comment and I will get back to you. I have never done guest bloggers before, and I thought my Blog Birthday Week would be a great excuse for it! There are quite a few blog buddies of mine who would be more than welcome to post for me.....*nudge, nudge, wink, wink*

So, let me know....I think I am also going to run a contest for Wedding Leftovers (I am guessing Nessa will be kind enough to donate a few favors or whatever)...and maybe I will even bestow my Grand Prize to be something of WORTH!

So, click on the comments below, and let me know if you wanna help me celebrate a Year of Blogging!

Monday, July 10, 2006

Introducing Sweety and Bella!

I know you all have been anxiously waiting to see the kittens. They got here about 5 pm on Saturday, and believe it or not, the kids WERE actually surprised! I managed to keep it from them, even though I was bursting to tell them! The pictures are blury, but you can get an idea of what their reactions were....

Here is Nessa' holding the kitties.......

This is Sweety. She has double paws that makes her look like she has thrumbs, and almost no black on her nose....She's the crier, and she loves to cuddle with Nessa and Emmy....

This is Bella. She's got more pblack on her nose, and is more aggressive towards Sweety. Always starting fights. She loves to cuddle with me......

They are so adorable, I cannot even begin to explain I will just post pictures instead.....

Sweety & Bella love to nap on Hubby's desk chair....

Yours Truly Cuddling with Bella on Sunday Morning....

Bella napping in the Noah's Ark toy...they love it!

Sweety sleeping in the couch cusions, Sweety actually cried when we tried to move her!!

So that's it from the Fireheart House! Hope you all have a great day!

Friday, July 07, 2006

SURPRISE!! WICKED AWESOME!! I love my new design!! I am so awed with your hard work, and the level of professionalism, as well as your great personality... Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!! YOU ROCK PIXIE!!

So, let me know, peoples...whatcha think of Pixie's hard work?? Me personally? I am so dang happy...and I didn't have to do too much...she even told me that I was easy to work with!! I bet Hubby will get a good laugh when he hears THAT!! LOL

If you don't all rush out and hire her to do your blogs, you are SORELY missing out on a great opportunity and a great deal!!

Thank you again, Pixie!!

So Long Buddy

Well, today Mom came over to do the laundry. When it was time to go home, Buddy was loaded in his crate, and went home with Mom. Mom called later to tell me that Buddy was adjusting well, and was already settled into his favorite spot - the window facing the street.

Earlier in the day, Buddy had gotten into Mimi's and attacked poor Cubby Bear. Not to mention last night before I went to bed, I discovered a dead robin head and 1/2 a wing on my bottom steps...yeah, it was time for Buddy to go....

And just in time! Nessa will be here tomorrow afternoon and she is bringing 2 beautiful twin baby girl kittens! Today I bought pink and purple collars for them complete with little bells, and they are hidden away from the girl's view. They have no idea they are getting a kitten tomorrow, nevermind 2! Hubby sent me an e-mail yesterday asking me to take pictures of the girl's reactions when they see the kittens. I know he's secretly excited about it...LOL

I made a purchase this afternoon. Well 2, actually...the first I can't tell y'all about...but it is awesome. Well Mimi knows about it....but the other thing I bought was a Hoover SteamVac for the rugs. I am so excited. I am gonna clean the rugs and furniture. I am practically giddy at the prospect of it!!

But I haven't shared the bad news for today....I went to the dentist today. I knew I had to do it, and I have had the appointment for 2 weeks. Well....the good news is, after not going to a dentist for 10 years, I have zero cavities! The bad news? I need to get all 4 of my wisdom teeth extracted. I am going to have to find someone to take care of the kids and me for a day or two.....because I will be so drugged up, I won't know my backside from my elbow.....

So, that's been my day in a nutshell...I am not looking forward to surgery....but I know once it's over, most of the pain will be gone forever!

Thursday, July 06, 2006

In Which I Must Share This Story....

If you have never read anything by Magazine Man, I highly reccommend you look for the link on the sidebar.....but currently, the theme has surrounded his faithful dog, Blaze disappearing....You must enjoy reading a lot in order to get the whole story...there is more, but Magazine Man will give more details after he recovers from injuries.

First - In Which He is 0 for 2....

Second - In Which You Arent's the Only Ones Tired of Cliffhangers...

Third - In Which We learn the Fate of One Good Dog....

Fourth - In Which the Masthead Goes Radio-Silent for a Bit....

and Lastly (for the purpose of learning the summary of the fate of things) - In Which We Review the Butcher's Bill...

As you might have guessed, I cried like a baby....I am eager to hear the in-depth doubt there will be at least 2-3 parts (MM is not a man of brevity, and that's a good thing). But for now, I am content with the outcome.....

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Did I Miss Something?

I mean, I know that I haven't been blogging a lot lately, but wow....only one comment total in the last 2 entries? Is this blog even coming up anymore? Have all my friends and blogging buddies forgotten about me just cause I am not blogging 3 times a day?

It's pretty sad when I am anxious to check my email, and all I have is spam. And a comment about not getting a kitten...and that's nearly a week....

man, I wish I could show you all pictures form this all will just have to wait....and my comments will just have to remain empty I suppose....

Hope You All had a great Independance Day! Mine was great. Went to the beach, worked on my sunburn/tan. Then went to a parade; the kids got a bunch of candy from the parade floats. And my father taught my 2 year old that running infront of moving vehilces is OK if candy is innvolved. *sighs* I think that I'll have to unteach them a few things when we get back to Connecticut. Emily and my parents went to watch the fireowrks. I had a migraine, and Kaity was cranky and tred. I put her to bed about 10 minutes after they left. She was out before I finished folding my laundry. Score some points for Mom standing her ground on that one.

Well here comes the family. I must sign off. Hope you all have a good rest of your week!

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Greetings from the Vineyard!

HELLO EVERYONE!!! I have been super duper busy having a great visiti with my parents and realxing! I am taking a break from the fun to say hello to everyone, and give you all some updates on my life since I posted last week!

Well, I cleaned like a crazy person, and the house will look great when I get back :) We headed to Nessa's house on Thursday and hung out. Nessa and I followed up a lead on some kittens. The girls had fun with Nessa's little sister, and we all went to bed early. Got up at like 6:15 the next morning, got dressed and headed towards the Vineyard. We managed to make the 9:30 boat and by 10:30 we were walking up Circuit Ave.

Later that afternoon, after a short cat nap for us all, I checked my phone and saw that Hubby had called!! I was so sad I missed his call. Later on in the evening, I got to talk to him, and it was so nice. We went to the flying horses, and Kaity got the brass ring! That night , as it was my mom's birthday, we had a cookout, cake and presents for Mum.

Yesterday, we went to Flying horses again, and this time Emily got the brass ring!! Then in the afternoon we hit the beach, and I got together with my friend's Eric and Kristina. Eric cooked dinner, and much to my and Kristina's delight, it was very good! I had a drink or two (or maybe a bottle of Merlot) too many, and they drove me home. Somewhwere in there Hubby called twice, and we all had a good laugh talking to him.

Today we were planning on Strawberry picking. Well, we got to the place, and it was closed. I had called a head to make sure it was going to be open, but after checking the paper after going into town, we discovered I had called the wrong number (even though the recording I got with the first number did indeed say they were open). So I called the number in the paper, only to discover that the farm was closed indeffinitely, due to the heavy rains in June, much of the crops had been ruined, and there was no strawberries left to pick. It was a sad sad thing to find out. The girls were especially disappointed at the news.

So I am waiting for Mum to get home from the store so we can go out for a baot ride on Uncle Jim's boat. This girls have had a great time in the past, and I am hoping we will maek it out today. I hope you all are having a good week, and I will check back in again in a couple days with tales of our vacation. I'll have to wait until I get home to post pictures, but I do have some great ones! The ones I have now up here are collected from the net....

Talk to you all soon! Have a great Holiday!