Monday, October 24, 2005

"There's a Better Place for You in Heaven..."

"...if you give our church a lot of money!" That's the sermon I was present for yesterday. We ended up not going to the original church we planned on visiting -- they didn't have child care. So we tried another church down the road. It was a fairly contemporary church, which was nice. We were used to that, having come froma Southern Babptist church in FL. Then the sermon started. All these scriptures were given and twisted to make it sound like the more you give to the church, the better your spot in heaven is. Sorry, but the Husband and I dont agree with that. The only place in Heaven that is better than anywhere else is sitting at the right hand of God. And guess what? Someone's already got THAT spot!

So we were definitely turned off by that church. I am going to try another church next week while Ed's on duty. I did some looking on the 'Net, and found a couple I am interested in checking out. I've also been invited by a friend who attends another church to go to his.

Poor Hubby. His whole theory for being against organized religion in previous years was proven yesterday. He hates it when a church tries to make you feel bad about not giving money. Sure, there's Tithing....but to blatantly say that giving more than that gets you better treasure in heaven? I really don't think that's the message God wants us to get....the whole sermon just left a bad taste in my mouth. The whole time I was in our church in FL, even before the Husband started coming with us, not ONCE did I feel like I wasn't as blessed and worthy of Heaven as the person next to me. Never once was a WHOLE 30 minute sermon all about money. It angers me to think a church would do that to its congregation members!

I understand that "stewardship season" is upon us for many churches. But this one experience I have never encountered before. And Even though in the last 8 years I have been to church less than most of my life, I don't ever recall being present for a sermon so ludicrissly pushing for money. And that's saying something!

Hopefully next week I won't get that thrown in my face again. A 5 minute mention of stewardship, ok, fine, perfectly understandable....but PLEASE Lord, not another 30 minute sermon on it! We just want to find a good church. *sigh*

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